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Wise Choice in Applying Colors of Lollipop

Instead of being confused in applying color in a bedroom, the wise choice in applying the colors of lollipop might become the answer. Some people get worried about what color should be applied in their bedroom. And right now, here comes the colors of lollipop: such as purple, blue, yellow, pink, or even red. Those colors refer to be the colors of lollipop and are meant to be “bought” by kids right? Bright Bedroom According to that purpose,  Read More ... »

Four Mistakes in Locating Bed

Instead of getting the right location for the bed, there are also mistakes in locating bed. This locating is indeed related to one’s comfort, right? However, do you know that locating bed would be so careless if you don’t do it rightly? The bed itself must not be located in any place you want. It needs to be considered before. Air Ventilation Sketch's in Bedroom In arranging and locating bed in your bedroom, the most main important  Read More ... »

Decorating Bedroom For A Teenager

There are so many ideas in decorating bedroom for a teenager. When your kid is growing to be a teenager, the elements of furniture and accessories in the bedroom may not be suitable anymore. Then, must all of this stuffs be thrown and replaced by a new one? I think it’s not to. Below are tips in decorating bedroom for a teenager which you can apply in your teen’s room. And, besides being useful, these tips can be your reference to be shared to  Read More ... »

Elegant with Installing Black Carpet in the Bedroom

Elegant with Installing Black Carpet in the Bedroom
You can put up a black carpet in the bedroom. If many people use brightly colored carpet in the room, the living room or bedroom, then you can try something new. You can try to install the black carpet in the bedroom. If many people choose to use a brightly colored carpet in the bedroom, it’s time you try something new. Black carpet installed in the bedroom would make an impression like no other for people who see it. In addition, black carpet  Read More ... »

Tips for Designing the Work Space in Bedroom

There are a few tips for designing the work space in bedroom in your house. If you have limited space at house, then you can try this idea. Whether you are a person who works at house? Do you have your own workspace at house? Here’s a question that may arise when you decide to work at house. However, problems arise due to the benefits of working at house. Constraint that arises is how to create a work space at house? For those of you who have  Read More ... »

Glass Bedroom Design in House

Glass bedroom design is one of the unique ideas that you can make happen in the home. Have you ever thought about using a glass bedroom home design? Glass bedroom design is still considered innovative designs at home. You can use a little imagination to realize the glass bedroom design. If most homes use a wall made of bricks, then you can make a few changes. These little changes will make an amazing impact on the appearance of your home. However,  Read More ... »

Awesome and Unique Lighting in the Bedroom

Awesome and Unique Lighting in the Bedroom
Unique lighting in the bedroom can be one of the greatest ideas to the make your bedroom more interesting. You can try different ideas to make the bedroom look more attractive than ever. If you are decorating a bedroom, then you can try out these ideas on. You can try the unique lighting in the bedroom. Well, the idea of ​​this one was not much to apply. If most people just use a regular lamp to illuminate the bedroom, then you can make it a bit  Read More ... »

Children Bedroom with Teddy Bear Theme

Children Bedroom with Teddy Bear Theme
Designing children bedroom with teddy bear theme must have been very pleasant, especially for your parents. Designing a bedroom is to be one fun job for a mother. If most people use a design or concept bedroom minimalist, classical or modern, then you should not use this concept to your child’s bedroom. Children will not understand what the concept of minimalist bedroom, classic or modern. They just love all things associated with the world.  Read More ... »

Using Blue Color in the Bedroom

Using blue color in the bedroom is one of the solutions may be appropriate decoration. The blue color is synonymous with tranquility. In addition, the blue color is also often associated with water. Water is one of the sources of life. Departing from the assumption of thought and this is why you can use blue in your bedroom. Apart from the ideas which have been mentioned above, the blue color can also be used to handle insomnia and migraine. Well,  Read More ... »

Built in storage in a child bedroom

Built in storage in a child bedroom can be a good choice for storing various items. Built in storage was chosen by the people because it has two functions. Built in storage is considered effective and can save the land of a room. There are many people who use the built in storage in the bedroom or family room. Built in storage in the rooms mentioned above are useful for storing various items on display or are frequently used by residents. Built in  Read More ... »