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Personal Country-designed Kitchen

You must be very interested to apply one of the kinds of personal country-designed kitchen. It not only gives you freedom to create your kitchen on your own, but also you can get the feeling to create it because it’s personal. Besides giving you freedom to create, the right design of kitchen, old-fashioned furniture and unique accessories becomes the most interesting parts in this country-designed kitchen. This will be your ideal future kitchen. Country-designed  Read More ... »

Accessible Orange Kitchen

If your kitchen has an old-style kitchen and you also are hard to reach it in the back of your house, at least creating an accessible orange kitchen perhaps can be your reason to change you old-style one. If you have a 3.4mx3.8m space area left of your house, you can create this kitchen. This kitchen presents the color of orange as a main color. The color appears on some eating stuffs and on cabinet’s surface. Accessible Kitchen This color choosing  Read More ... »

Door-shaped Kitchen Storage

If you have a small-size kitchen, you should better try to make the concept of door-shaped kitchen storage in your house. The small-size of kitchen doesn’t mean that you can let your kitchen messy, right? If you can smartly utilize every stuffs in your house, therefore, this concept of door-shaped kitchen storage may become you best choice style of kitchen to be applied. Kitchen Storage Similar to the ordinary storage found in every house, this  Read More ... »

Simple-style of Red-white Kitchen

Once you are bored of your old-style kitchen, then it’s the time for you to change the style of your kitchen into a combination of simple-style of red-white kitchen. Sometimes, people are afraid to apply two different colors on one place. While however, these colors will also give you different feeling and sensation when you are cooking in the kitchen. Simple-style Kitchen The thing people don’t know that the result is not very bad at  Read More ... »

Floral-Ornamented Small Pantry

Perhaps it’s a little bit difficult for you to create a floral-ornamented small pantry in your house because there is not much space left. However, it’s even easier for the other people to create it. The floral ornamented in the cabinet door and the wallpaper on its backdrop should be applied on your small pantry in your house. It also makes this small pantry look fabulous and special. Small Pantry At least, if you don’t have a big-size  Read More ... »

Kinds of Functionable Pantry

Right now, instead of making a kitchen, people would rather to create a functionable pantry in their house. Its function not only includes as a place for processing the food, but also as a place for relaxing and treating the guests. All the activities relating to the food is usually done here, in the pantry. Functionable Pantry The concept of pantry, which some people call it dry-kitchen, actually came from Europe and America. In its original country,  Read More ... »

An Elegant Purple Kitchen

If you have a limited space-area in your house, the elegant purple kitchen perhaps would be your best choice to apply. As you know, putting some colors on your kitchen can be either better or worst. However, if you know how to apply it carefully, the result won’t disappoint you. Bright colors, such as pink, purple, or orange can increase your mood on cooking. While dark colors are in the opposite. Elegant Purple Kitchen If you have a 3mx3m kitchen  Read More ... »

Designing A Kitchen Based on Its Function

You should have had an idea before designing a kitchen. At least, you have to design it based on its function. You cannot carelessly pick random thing to be put on your kitchen, right? You should first know about its function and its activity’s division in the kitchen in order to make it more comfortable to use. Wet and Dry Kitchen A kitchen is as same as a heart in the house. So many activities related to the processing food happen in this  Read More ... »

Applying Black-colored Kitchen

Applying black-colored kitchen in the house is included to the most-avoided color of all. Why? Some people said that applying this black color will give the look of narrow into the room, especially kitchen. If you are already bored with the color of white in the kitchen, it’s time for you to try the color of black. Instead of being narrow, the black-colored kitchen will change into a beautiful kitchen. Black Kitchen Besides being beautiful,  Read More ... »

Wooden Motive Accent As A Collaboration of Modern-classic Style Kitchen

The new look of modern-classic style kitchen is approached by the ecological approach. If you have a limited area of kitchen, perhaps you should try to apply this concept. You also have to arrange the lighting and the processing of this wooden motive into becoming an elegant and classical kitchen. Then finally, you should only let it become your pride in the house. Wooden-motive Accent This kitchen design has its own touch which is closely related  Read More ... »