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Do You Want a Living Room that Looks Beautiful?

Do You Want a Living Room that Looks Beautiful?
A living room that looks beautiful will be attract for guests who visit. The living room is a room which was first seen by people coming into your home. Departing from this, the living room was made into a room that looks beautiful, neat and comfortable by the homeowner. The living room’s neat is reflecting the way home from a family. All you have to do is clean the living room regularly and periodically. Just clean the room immediately after using  Read More ... »

4 Tips in Designing A Living Room

In determining on how to proceed in designing a living room project, you don’t have to make a call to a designer. If you can do it on your own, then do it. As you know, a living room has a function to gather your family on. It’s where your family spend their time. So, in designing a living room project for your house, it should be better for you check and take notes of these following tips which I assume, would be highly considered. Here  Read More ... »

Defining Glamour Without Glitz With “Non-Chaluxe”

If this involves glamour, whether you are speaking in regards to a room interior or perhaps a fashion statement-it isn’t concerning the expensive. The juxtaposition of easy and elaborate, mingled by having an unpredicted touch of extravagance, is finding its distance to Manhattan lofts and Malibu Bauhaus beach houses. The note of glamor is added with one statement piece, and be it a gilded Venetian mirror or perhaps a spectacular leather turquoise  Read More ... »

Types of Living Room Design

There are many types of living room design which you can apply at home.The modern living room design is the popular theme amongst all. It allows you to carry neutral accent in the house and a perfect home decorating style to apply if you intend to sell house. It will be easier if you can ask the agency to do the sale for you. The agency will give you an advice before you sell it. Living Room Design However, before you call any agency about, you need  Read More ... »

Excessive Decorations in the Living Room

There’s sometimes worry if you put some excessive decorations in the living room. However, if you also have an empty-decorated living room, it’s boring, right? While on the other hand, when you put too many decorations on your living room, it’s also as excessive as you don’t have one. But then, don’t worry. There are many ways to fix this problem in your living room. At least, you don’t have to put so much stuffs in your living room. Modern  Read More ... »

Area of Kitchen and Living Room in the Small House

If you are already confused when you stay in a small house and don’t know what to do with its size, then, it should be better for you to create the area of kitchen and living room in one same horizontal space. This is one of the solution of combining the kitchen and living room in the area of about 6m x 3m. This kind of modern kitchen and living room will be more efficient, modern and functional. Same Area of Kitchen and Living Room In some  Read More ... »

A Theater-like Living Room

If you are dreaming about having a theater in your house, then a theater-like living room would be one of your best choices. It will be extremely fun when you and your family gather and watch on a movie in that room, right? You can also relax from your boring daily activities in the office and your children will also have their good time with you. Living Room with Theater-like Design Besides having function as a relaxing place, this kinda of theater-like  Read More ... »

A Contemporary Living Room

If you are bored with your old-style living room, then changing it into a contemporary living room will be one of your choices. Making it as a gathering room for a whole family will be definitely interesing and additionally make your living room joyful. This king of contemporary living room is best suitable for you. Contemporary Living Room A contemporary style makes your living room fresh and dynamic. Its design of furniture and accessories are sometimes  Read More ... »

A Must-Table in the Living Room

If you are complaining about how excessive your tables are around your house, there are a must-table in the living room which you should keep. Sometimes, there are people who consider that a living room without a table is better than having one. However, it will be more beautiful and comfortable if you at least have one or few tables on it. Coffee Table A complementary furniture, such as table, really supports the feeling of comfort in the living  Read More ... »

Simple Inspiration for A Small Parlor

In designing a house interior, there is a simple inspiration for a small parlor. Right now, it becomes seldom for a guest to visit our house. Then finally, people remove the parlor’s function from the house’s lay-out and replace it with a living room. For the rest of people, the parlor is still becoming the important part of the house, because it is the first room which can represent the owner’s character. Parlor with Different Sofa In  Read More ... »