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Choosing Suitable Wall Paint as Needed

Choosing suitable wall paint with a house can not be indiscriminate. You have to adjust the type of paint to be used with a wall to be painted. For example, when you will be painting the bathroom walls, then paint used is water-resistant paint. In addition, there is also a paint that has the advantage of anti-fungal, produces gloss or paint a wall that can accentuate the impression of luxury at home. Currently, there are many types of paint the walls  Read More ... »

How to Handle Damp Walls?

How to Handle Damp Walls?
Do you know how to handle damp walls? This problem often annoys the owner of a house. This is one result of the construction of homes which have low quality. Home construction is better done when the dry season. This timing is not without reason. The rainy season can make home materials become wet and will affect the quality of the homes in the future. Construction of houses that are not perfect and in a hurry to make the process of settlement was  Read More ... »

Wall Cover to Beautify the Walls of the House

Do you ever use wall cover to beautify the walls of the house and fix damp walls at home? A house is located in areas with high rainfall does have many advantages. The advantage of having a house at a high rainfall area is the air temperature is cold, not hot. The air tends to have low temperature to make the inhabitants of houses in this neighborhood feel at home. In addition, areas with high rainfall tend to have green land and still have many trees.  Read More ... »

Solution for a Cracked Wall When Installing Nails

One of the problems that arise on the wall is a cracked wall when installing nails. The problem, such as cracked wall usually arises when you want to attach a photo or painting. Installation of wall hangings such as pictures or paintings made the walls of your house becomes more ‘warm’ and full of artistic nuances. The other shades can also arise when you decide to install a plaque on the wall of your home. hanging frame   Installation  Read More ... »