A Design of Brown Homey Elegant Bedroom

The design of brown homey elegant bedroom nowadays becomes popular among some house owners. This main bedroom usually combine two different styles of design, which is modern and tropic nature. It shows neither one of the styles nor the exact color of th bedroom itself. The style of tropic nature is completed by parquet floor and natural-colored wooden-material furniture.

Homey Elegant Bedroom Design

The strange combination indeed create two different atmosphere, including warm and glamourous with elegant and homy atmosphere. It is the parquet floor which present those atmosphere. Then, it becomes a comfortable and relaxing bedroom which are best suitable place for relaxing or working. You don’t have to be worried if you spend your time there.

Elegant Bedroom Design

The using of mirrors in the bedroom also give big important role. Its using is not only to give extra-large look to the bedroom, but also to give an elegant and glamorous look. The bedroom’s display become very modern. Those mirrors are placed behind bed’s headboard as a wall cover. The mirror should be better brown in color. The reflection from the mirror and modern-look will soften your masculine image from the dark furniture.

This kind of warm bedroom is combined with the bathroom and walk-in closet which are designed to be cool-look. If you want to create this, you should create your wall, floor, and bathtub area in beige-colored. Therefore, your bathroom will look really cool and elegant, as equal as in the five-star hotel.

Brown Bedroom Design

Your wannabe-bedroom will also have an additional working area. For some people who must work in a house, having a private area is very important. The furniture of this working area should be wood, which must be exclusive and modern. This working area should also have a perfet spot to spend the time while reading a book or creating a new idea. This design of brown homey elegant bedroom is very suitable for home hard-worker.

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