How to Build a Small Zen Garden in Small Backyard

Find out more tips on how to build a small Zen garden if you love with Japanese garden design. When people want to enjoy a unique landscaping, they tend to choose the Zen garden. It allows you to create a unique style by using pebbles, sand and rocks. Simplicity should be derived in the room. When you combine color, ensure that it is uninteresting. There is no need to fill the garden with many colors of plants and flowers because they can banish the subtle look in Zen garden design. You need to have a spot filled with sand. Then you can have a design which creates an authentic design in Zen garden. The design can resemble the flow of water. Many elements should be presented on how to build a small Zen garden. Don’t worry you do not need to spend a lot of cash. You just need to note on the simplicity and basic elements. Here are the complete ways to have a Zen garden in the backyard of your home.

How to Build a Small Zen Garden with Rocks

Geometric shape on the pathway

If you want to create simple style on how to build a small Zen garden, you can infuse geometric shape in the garden. When talking any geometry, people always associate it with modern style. It is true because most Zen elements can be replicated to define the modern garden design. You can have the pathways area in geometrical design. For example, you can set some pebbles in circular motion. It can create depth in a small garden. Or you can set some rocks along the pathways to give the guests and members of family a good spot when they want to enjoy the beauty inside the garden. If your Zen garden is free from any lawn or grass, there is no need to have a certain pathway. You just have to fill the area with sand.

How to Build a Small Zen Garden with Sand

A small bridge in the middle of a Zen garden

One of the main elements that you need to have on how to build a small Zen garden is a bridge. This item is popular and can be seen in many Zen gardens all over the world. It enables you to enjoy a good view from the top. Under the bridge, you can have a small flow of river or pond. Don’t forget to have the bridge decorated with plants and flowers. The border does not have to be big.  A small stone can save much cost. You can paint the bridge in brown or black. To enjoy a natural look, you can build a bridge made from bamboo, not concrete.

How to Build a Small Zen Garden

Plant and flowers

There are many plants and flowers that you can use to decorate a small Zen garden. Bamboo is the best option. The recyclable material can make your Zen garden green and airy. You will love to spend the time in the simple garden if the spot is filled with a shady area. A cherry blossom tree can make the Zen garden colorful and fresh.

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