How to Care the Sink to Make It Looks New?

How to care the sink to make it looks new? A dull sink will make people less likely to wear it and switch to another sink. The sink widespread use in homes makes sink’s sales is increasing from year to year. The sink is usually attached in bathrooms and has many functions to attract the interest of many parties. The sink is installed in homes are usually used for hand washing, shaving and brushing teeth. However, the sink can also be installed in public places, such as in parks or at the restaurant. The sink placed outside the house is usually only used to wash hands. The existence of a sink in a public place makes a lot of people are getting another benefit of sink. If you wash your hands in the sink, then your trousers will not be involved wet with water exposed.

dirty sink

There are no many problems that occur in the sink that is used only for the family. Thing that usually happens is a dirty sink due to former soap or shaving cream. However, this does not apply to the sink that is stored in a public place. The sink that stored in a public place has more diverse problems. Because this sink is stored in a public place, then there are a lot of people who use this sink.

The number of people who use the sink made the possible problems became more diverse. Problems that occur in the sink that is stored in a house or in a public place of course have to be resolved. Delaying solves the problem instead will add to other problems.
To avoid the occurrence of the problem, then the sink had to be treated. Caring the sink will make it clean. One of the sink’s treatment should be done is clean up the remaining soap and dirt. Residual soap and dirt should be in the clear by using a damp cloth. Do it this way to treat the sink is made of ceramic. In addition, the sink is made of ceramic can also be cleaned by rubbing a toothpaste. If the sink is made of aluminum, use lemon juice mixed with baking soda. Rinse the liquid and wipe it dry immediately. This step will make the sink to be looking like new, clean and shiny again.

lemon juice

The easiest thing to do to care the sink to make it looks new is to diligently and regularly rinse the sink until clean water after use. After that, immediately dry with a soft wipe textured soon. If the stain is going to be cleaned is still attached, use of chemicals is also allowed. However, it is advisable to use these chemicals in the hidden part of sink. If the chemical is actually damaging the texture of the sink, immediately discontinue use.

baking soda to mix with lemon juice

Well, the last one, what would you do if the drain clogged sink? Mix two tablespoons of caustic soda with water and insert into the channel. You can wait for half an hour then rinse the sink thoroughly.

Well, you will have no more trouble to care the sink to make it looks new.


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