How to Decorate A 12×12 Bedroom With Fun Colors

Find more tips on how to decorate a 12×12 bedroom if you do not want to sleep with clutter. Many people consider a small bedroom as a nightmare. They have to sleep in a tight space with a lot of clutter spreading all over the floor and bed. It makes you uncomfortable. Many people experience insomnia if the air in the bedroom is not relaxing. You need to make over the bedroom by using a simple and minimalist approach. There is no need to fill the bedroom with a lot of unimportant items.  A hidden storage is also needed in the bedroom.  Here are some tips to create bigger illusion with the tips on how to decorate a 12×12 bedroom.

Decorate A 12×12 Bedroom

Measure the bedroom

To make the small bedroom accessible by the occupants, you need to find out the exact measurement.  You need to note on the room width, length, closet depth and closet width. By having the information about the length and width, you can find out the perfect size of furniture to decorate the bedroom.   You can go to the stores by choosing the furniture such as bed and desk in smaller and sleek design.

How to Decorate A 12x12 Bedroom in White

How to Decorate A 12×12 Bedroom in White

Choosing Colors and Painting the Space

The next thing on how to decorate a 12×12 bedroom is selecting the new color on the wall and other items in the bedroom. There are many choices when it comes about the hues. However, you need to avoid the bold shades if you do not want to overwhelm the room. You can look at the sample colors on the paint stores. Pick the light ones which can create bigger and more relaxing feeling in the room.

Decorate the wall with simple wallpaper border

If your hate with boring looks on the wall, you can apply the tips on how to decorate a 12×12 bedroom with simple wallpaper. There is no need to create full wallpaper look. You can just have to decorate the edges of the wall with nice wallpaper border. Choose the modern style. You can have a simple floral pattern on the border. If the wall comes in sage green color, you can have the floral border in sunny yellow or white color to make it stand out.

How to Decorate A 12x12 Bedroom

How to Decorate A 12×12 Bedroom

Closet organizers and storage

The last thing to do on how to decorate a 12×12 bedroom is by organizing the items in the bedroom. You will never see any spreading toys, books, blanket and magazines. If you are an organized person, you can add more built in feature in the room as the storage space. The closet organizer should be installed in the walk in closet. A small rack is nice to accommodate all your shoes and sandals.  Some drawers located under the bed are wonderful to accommodate all seasonal items. The makeup jewelry and other items can be placed in decorative basket located on the shelves.

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