How to Design a Small Kitchen in Comfortable Style

Get more ideas on how to design a small kitchen in the following explanation below. A small kitchen can make you living a in a hell if you cannot decorate it well. The small kitchen can be tackled by using important appliances and decor. You can make it look different with modern appliances and pieces. You can expand the small dimension in the room with minimalist furniture pieces, bright color and sleek accessories. Here are some ways on how to design a small kitchen:

How to Design a Small Kitchen Space in White

Incorporate storage space in the small kitchen

What you need to do first on how to design a small kitchen is by setting more storage space in the room. Each corner space in the room should be placed with storage space. You can have a cupboard or a kitchen cabinet in high position so that you can avoid the consumption of floor space in the room. You can install more drawers and wall hanging cabinets that you can use to set the china, dishes and appliances.  It will be better if you can choose the cabinet in custom made design.

How to Design a Small Kitchen Space with Stools

Use smaller appliances

Smaller appliances are great to have in the small kitchen. Avoid the big and bulky appliances because they can consume much floor space in the kitchen. You can maximize the counter place by installing a microwave hood. You do not need to purchase the big fridge. Pick the 24 inch fridge to keep the kitchen ample. The space saving appliances can make your room ample and big. There is no need to go with the wide and big one even though they can carry more items in the room. You can choose the appliances made from metal accent if the small kitchen is decorated with modern design.

Bright look in the kitchen

The next thing that you need to do is picking the right illumination for the small kitchen. The tips on how to design a small kitchen cannot present the bright look. Enlarge the window if you want to bright feeling when the morning comes. When the night comes, you can use the artificial light. The selection of fixture on the lamps is based on the style in the kitchen. If you love with modern look, you can install some pendant lighting above the kitchen island. A small under cabinet light is perfect to illuminate the kitchen during the late night. It comes in various colors. You can pick the bright blue, white or even red one.

How to Design a Small Kitchen Space

Open space shelves

The open space cabinet is perfect for the people who love to display their china, mugs and dishes. You just have to keep them neat and organized. There is no need to install any door on the shelves for they can create open feeling in the room. You can have open cabinet design to set in the room if you want to apply the tips on how to design a small kitchen.

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