How to Design a Yellow Bedroom with Wonderful Accent Color

Let’s read the whole tips on how to design a yellow bedroom in the post below. A yellow bedroom is perfect if you can pair it with the right decor and style. There is no need to end up in confusion when you want to increase the stylish look in the bedroom.  We know that decorating a yellow wall in the bedroom is a tricky treatment. You need to make it fun and whimsy when using yellow color on the wall. You can have a yellow bedroom not only to decorate a kid’s bedroom but also an adult bedroom. This is the best color for the people who only have a small spot in the bedroom. It can carry bigger look when you choose this color. In the following explanation, you will get more ideas on how to design a yellow bedroom:

How to Design a Yellow Bedroom with Pictures

Choose the right shade

The first thing to do on how to design yellow bedrooms is picking the right shade. We know that you already paint the bedroom with yellow wall color. But it does not mean that you have to make it look plain by having all items in the room in yellows color. You can go with other shades to carry vibrant effect in the bedroom. You can have honey yellow color if you want to create simple and romantic effect. The golden yellow color is the best color for the people who want to enjoy rich effect in the bedroom. Canary yellow is another shade of yellow to choose because it is soft and easy.

How to Design a Yellow Bedroom with White

Apply white color

If you want to stay safe when the decorating a yellow bedroom, you can pick with a timeless color of white. This color is neutral that you can pair it with any types of bold and bright colors.  This is the best way on how to design a yellow bedroom because white can reduce the over glaring effect in yellow color. You can have the furniture in the bedroom such as bed frame, table, shelving unit and sofa in white paint. The ceiling is perfect in white color. The trim line and window bay in the bedroom should come in white tone too. It can deliver the contrasting effect with yellow colored bedroom for kids.

How to Design a Yellow Bedroom

Decide the accent color in yellow bedroom

You can have the decorative accent in the bedroom design such as flower, bed spread, picture and lampshade in lavender, orange or even salmon pink.  An accent shade is as important as the primary shade.  The yellow bedroom will never look alive if the yellow bedroom is not filled with another color which carries interesting look. You can have soft orange on the trim line or toss pillows. Navy blue is also nice to see on the yellow bedroom for it can deliver the country effect on how to design a yellow bedroom.

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