How to Design a Zebra Bedroom

Let me show you the perfect way on how to design a zebra bedroom if you want to enjoy an exotic animal print at home. You can end up in confusion when decorating a bedroom with animal print in zebra pattern. This print is popular because it’s suitable not only to decorate the bedroom for adult but also for kids. Zebra items sold in the stores is varied. You can have the print to locate on the comforter, bedding, linen, towel, curtain, wallpaper, area rug and many more. However, decorating the bedroom will all items in zebra print is not a good decision because you overrun the style. It can banish the elegant look of zebra pattern in the bedroom. You need to make the print applied in proportional way. If you mix it too much in the room, you only create busy effect. Here are the simple tips on how to design a zebra bedroom:

How to Design a Zebra Bedroom for Girls

Black and white concept zebra pattern

The first ting on how to design a zebra bedroom is picking the right concept. If you want to stay simple and popular, choose black and white patterned zebra on the bedroom as the main theme. Black and white is a contrasting color that you can use to increase the style at home. The four walls in the room do not have to be covered with zebra wallpaper. It can make the room overwhelming. You can just have to choose one focal wall to cover with zebra wallpaper. The three walls should come in plain color to reduce the busy print. The three walls can be decorated with sandy coral, beige, cream, or even white.

How to Design a Zebra Bedroom

Choose the furniture pieces

Actually you do not need to buy new furniture in the bedroom. The ways on how to design a zebra bedroom are simple and affordable. You can represent the old furniture with a new finish. You can go with dark brown color to make it stylish and classic. It can be used in any type of interior design. The window and door in the room can feature the similar color for your furniture.

Zebra print area rug

The next thing on how to design a zebra bedroom is placing a zebra themed area rug on the floor. You can have it in black and white pattern. It can be a nice decoration on the hardwood floor. You just have to set it under the bed frame. The edge of the area rug can sneak the bed at 3 feet.

How to Design Zebra Bedroom

Dress up the bed

The last thing on how to design a zebra bedroom is by dressing up the bed. You can have the bedding comes in white color. There is no need to pick the zebra print bedding if the wall has been decorated with zebra print. You can accent the white colored bedding with some toss pillows in zebra print. The curtain of the window can come in plain white color. You can have it in the form of blind if you want to keep the modern zen bedroom.

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