How to Dress an Old Bathroom

An old bathroom will look plain stark and drab if you do not choose any types of decoration to make it new and enticing. Some people want to get rid from the old fashioned bathroom since they are tired and uncomfortable spending time inside the area. Decorating a bathroom will fun to do if you have lot of budgets to spend and purchase many items in the stores. However, if you do not have much cash in the pocket, you can choose the frugal decorating project to make it new and comfortable to access by the rest of family members. You can mix and match different shades to bring dramatic effect in the bathroom. You need to be brave when combining colors so that you can have new feeling.

Old Bathroom Facelift

Old Bathroom Remodelling

You need to choose the colors based on the theme applied in the space. If you love with shabby chic look, you can choose the simple design. Let me show you several ideas for redecorating the old bathroom with the full tips below. The first thing that you need to spruce up when you want to bring a new feel in the old bathroom is by picking a new shade of color. There are many shades that you can opt. you can choose the vivid or even bright color if you like to carry an illusion of a bigger space. If you want to make it chic and sophisticated, you can opt for the neutral colors like white, tan, taupe, brown and gray and a hint of black accent.

Old Bathroom in Large Space

Old Bathroom Revision

The people who want to deliver the relaxing and tranquil effect can opt for the combination of blue and green color. It can deliver the beach themed look. If you love with country look, mustard yellow with blue accent is a good combination. The next thing to do is picking the bathroom knick knack like the shower curtain, toiler cover, wash cloth and soap dish in a similar color scheme. The towel should carry striking effect If you like to give a focus on the towel in the rack.

Old Bathroom with Luxury Design

Old Bathroom with New Look

You can place towels by rolling them and arrange them on the shelves or you may hang the towels by the bathtub or shower area. The next thing to do is about the flooring treatment. You can see a throw rug on the floor in front of the shower and bathtub to give you a comfortable stepping area. It can bring decorative effect in the old bathroom styling. Pick a rug to match with the wall color. The last thing that you need to do is accenting the wall by using some interesting pieces. You can have the floral painting, beach scheme tapestries or even nice plagues to banish the old bathroom design.

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