How to Handle Damp Walls?

Do you know how to handle damp walls? This problem often annoys the owner of a house. This is one result of the construction of homes which have low quality. Home construction is better done when the dry season. This timing is not without reason. The rainy season can make home materials become wet and will affect the quality of the homes in the future. Construction of houses that are not perfect and in a hurry to make the process of settlement was not optimal. This of course affects the quality of your house. One of the problems are most likely to arise is a cracked wall. The walls are cracked; of course cause some problems later on. Besides the beauty of the wall becomes disrupted, a cracked wall can also be the cause of the entry of water into the house. The water that entry into the house through a wall can make the walls become damp. Damp walls over time will lead to black spot and mildew.

handle damp walls, damp wall

damp wall

Damps walls often happen in a wall that is close to the installation of water pipes, cracks between walls, guttering and walls near the bathroom wall. Damp walls that are not immediately handled will create another problem.

The water will be able entry to the house from the damp walls. At first, water seepage through the wall will not be evident. But do not worry. You can find out simply by touching the wall surface. The walls are exposed to seepage of water will feel colder than other parts of the wall. Eventually, the spots will appear on the wall. It will make seep the walls and make the paint bubble and peel off the layers until its fall. This is one sign that your wall is seeping in your home. The wall has been severely damaged!

handle damp walls, cracked wall

cracked wall

The first step should be done is to make sure resources are seeped wall. You need to fix the source of water that causes wall is seep. After the water causes seep wall has been resolved, then you can just fix the wall. Make sure the condition of the seeped walls. If the condition of the walls still seeped, you can use a waterproofing paint to coat the walls. However, if the walls seeped condition is already severe, you should take some steps to fix it.
To repair the seep walls that already badly damaged, then you have to scrape the paint layer that coats the walls to the bottom wall. If the curry is consuming of time and effort too much, you can use a paint remover. After that, use anti-fungal liquid to make a mold on the wall is completely gone. The fungus will completely disappear within twenty-four hours. After that, clean the walls until it is completely ready to be coated with waterproofing paint.

handle damp walls, use antifungal to protect your walls

use antifungal to protect your walls


Waterproofing paint is going to be able to dispel the seep water into the wall. Coat the wall with the paint seeped up minimal twice times. This is done to provide a maximal layer on your wall.

Now, you already know how to handle damp walls.


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