How to Make a Country Kitchen

Country kitchen is great to apply on the cooking area. The people who want to deliver the homey feeling can pick this style. It enables you to relax and enjoy the comfortable look. You can make a cup of tea and coffee to serve the whole occupants in the house. A bowl of homemade chili can bring interesting aroma in the country kitchen design. The eclectic look is still preserved on the kitchen for you can choose the mismatching style. There is no need for you to choose the formal design like what you find on the Victorian or even modern style.

Country Kitchen Decor

Country Kitchen Design

The casual feeling is nice to enjoy when you want to have a good chit chat with family and friends. You can make the room charming and interesting by accessorizing the kitchen with natural decors. Let me show you some ideas on how to make a good country kitchen. If you have a lot of china collection, you can have open shelves to display those items. You can use the blue willow china and green dishware to adorn the shelves. The center and front area can be dressed up with folded dishtowel and spice jars. If you want to create country flair, you can choose the refurbished furniture items.

Country Kitchen Idea

Country Kitchen Ideas

You can have an old steel cupboard with glass door if you want to enjoy nice kitchen island. You can have it painted in distressed look. You can have a butcher black and wheels to deliver the English country style in the cooking area. If you have modern stove, it is better for you to eliminate it. You can choose a cook stove replica to bring the country feeling. You can choose the store decoration as the focal point in the room. You can shop such item on the flea market or even second hand store. The matching wooden furniture and item are great to bring more character in the country kitchen.

Country Kitchen in Brown

Country Kitchen in Dark Look

If you do not want to apply new pieces, you can paint the table and chairs with bright color. If you want to make them classic, choose the off white shades. Conversely, you can choose red paint to bring exclusive style. You can adorn the window with a nice curtain made from the old bandannas. It can bring patterns like pastel, floral and gingham style. Ensure that the pattern in the bandana does not look too busy since it can carry cluttering effect in the country kitchen. The last thing that you need to do is accessorizing the country kitchen with veggie printed wallpaper, red ceramic rooster, and vintage photos. All of them can make the decoration in the English style kitchen complete. You can add more personality by adding a vase of died flower hanging on the window of your country kitchen ideas.

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