How to Make Your Bathroom Zen Tranquil

The ways on how to make your bathroom Zen are always linked with peace and rest. When people come into their bathroom, they want to take a bath in comfort. They want to relax and avoid any burden that they face when they work in the office or school. Making your Zen bathroom look gorgeous is not difficult to do if you can present the most well designed elements in the space. You can get the inspiration from the magazine look. Infusing the Zen bathroom with romantic and airy feeling is okay if you use the bathroom for a newlywed couple. Here are several tips on how to make your bathroom Zen that people can replicate:

How to Make Your Bathroom Zen in Brown

Choose soft colors

Avoid the bold and bright color when you decorate the bathroom. Soft color works well in the Zen bathroom because it will never create any bold feeling. The busy and embellished style in the Zen bathroom should be removed. You need to keep it simple and easy to promote the tranquil sense. You can have the matching color to locate on the bathroom linen, towel, and wall and shower curtain. The soft color can be inspired from earthy or neutral tones such as white, cream, taupe, tan, sandy coral, beige, pearl white or even black. The color of nature such as greens and blues are good as the combination in the ways on how to make your bathroom Zen.

How to Make Your Bathroom Zen in White

Set an artwork

The next thing on how to make your bathroom Zen is by setting an artwork. You need to decorate the room with wonderful artwork that can gain the people’s interest. It can also increase the authentic feeling in Zen bathroom. You can have the artwork in the look of Japanese flowers such as cherry blossom or azalea. The matching bathroom supplies such as towel, decorative soap holder, toiletry, tower rack, shelves and toothbrush holder should come in similar patterns and styles. The tips on how to make your bathroom Zen allow you to choose the items made from stone. Don’t forget to pick a certain storage space that you can use to gather all clothes and items. You can set a wastebasket in the corner area. Choose the sleek one made from wood or rattan.

How to Make Your Bathroom Zen

Water features

Water feature is another idea on how to decorate a Zen bathroom. You can set a small waterfall from pebble tile in the bathroom to make you serene and relaxed. You can pick the smooth feeling when you hear the running water on the room. You can enjoy a long shower when talking a bath in the room.  It can make your body reenergized.

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