Ideas for Your Nice Spare Room

If you have nice spare room in the house, you can make it functional by transforming the room into a music room or even a library. If you face difficulties on how to find the best ideas to deal with this extra space, you may need to read the whole article below. It can be daunting task for some home owners since transforming an extra room is not an easy job to do. You cannot do it within a night. It needs much of your time to think about the decorating process. However, if you do not have any activity to do at the weekend, it will be an exciting activity to do with your family and friends. The extra room that you can decorate include the basement, attic or even dark hallway. Here are the ideas that you can replicate for your spare room.

Spare Room fo reading spot

Spare Room for Office

Spare Room for bedroom

The first idea is for fitness room. It is the perfect spot for the people who like to work out in both outdoor and indoor situation. It will be a great investment for you to have a room which can take care your health. There are several equipments that you need to place here, such as treadmill, barbell, weight and many more. It will be a great idea if you can mount a TV on the wall. Thus, you can play the DVD for dance exercise, aerobic or even yoga instruction. Some interesting dances that you can do in this fitness room include belly dancing, Zumba and salsa.

Spare Room for home library

Spare Room for library

Spare Room for Music Space

If you are a game addict, you can transform your extra room into the ultimate game room. This is the best spot that you can have to install the video consoles without having to bother the rest of the family. You can add stereo for more interesting sound experience. You can play any types of games anytime you want. Some traditional games like monopoly, chess scrabble, and snack and ladder will be great to add in the room.

Spare Room for Saving books

Spare Room for office

Spare Room for Musical instruments

Spare Room for Music

The extra room can be turned into a music room if you consider yourself as a music genius. You can play any types of instrument in this space whether it is keyboard, guitar, or even violin. If you cannot play any musical instrument, there is no need for you to be worried. You still can get a music room where you can play your favorite song on the surround sound and high impact stereo. Make sure that the room is sound proof. Thus you can set the music aloud without having to bother the members of your family. The last room to have in the house is a library. It is a nice spot for the whole family who love to read books. You can collect and display the books in various genres in nice bookshelves like adventure, newspaper, fantasy, poetry and novel. Don’t forget to set several chairs a table so that you can sit comfortable inside the house. Other interesting items like newspaper, magazine and encyclopedia should be placed in this spare room too.

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