Industrial-style Bedroom

If you want to create something new to your house, creating an industrial-style bedroom is one of the unique ways. For you who always want to be a fashionable in interior, this kind of style should be applied. Combining two different functions between aesthetic, art and technology, creating this industrial-style bedroom is one of the pioneers.

Industrial-designed Bedroom

As like as its name, industrial-style bedroom, it indeed have a close relation with the industrial world. The design-form shown tends to be very functional because its designer has a strong technical background. However, how it can be applied in the interior design?

The kind of industrial-style bedroom was first developed in Europe’s interior design and architecture. It was because there were many factories which are no longer used to stay at. To prevent them from being neglected, then people at the time change them to become propriate and comfortable residences.

Bedroom with Industrial-designed

Although there were so many changes, most people didn’t remove its real characters. They did it on purpose to make those buildings become the specific characters of Europe. Therefore, some material which tends to be rough, such as steel and metal were indeed to be exposed to show its character. As the result, it was a bit rustic but neat.

Are your interested to apply this industrial-style bedroom on your house? To make your industrial-style bedroom less “rough”, you should do a simple approach to your bedroom. Then, you should use a wooden material whose color is pastel-like on furniture in order to make your bedroom still “cool”. If possible, in making this industrial-style bedroom, you should also choose wood material which is without finishing.

Modern Industrial-designed Bedroom

Then finally, you combine it with the white-color paint and shiny metals, such as stainless steel or aluminum to make an industrial contrast effect. To make your room not too cold, you should improve it by applying a bright sheet on your bed. Are you interested to apply this bedroom with industrial-style on your house?

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