Installing a Sink Makes Bathroom More Comfortable

Installing a sink makes bathroom more comfortable. Do you believe with that statement? Bathroom design should be made as comfortable as possible because the bathroom is a room that used by everyone in a house. These items normally found in a bathroom are a container of soap and toothbrushes, mirror, shower or bathtub, whose existence can be selected in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner. Some of these items appear to be less complete without the installation of a sink in your bathroom. The sink is installed in the bathroom has a variety of functions. Sink function is as a place for washing hands, face wash, shave or brush your teeth. If you plug in the sink in the bathroom, then your pants will remain dry certainly.

counter lavatory


The importance of sink existences makes many manufacturers are competing to make the sink unique and interesting designs. Apart from an altered sink design, colors and materials makers are now, a sink also undergone many changes. Sink shapes are widely available usually square, oval or round and many available colors. However, now, you can choose the sink that has undergone changes, such as a bowl.

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However, before you decide to install a sink in the bathroom, you have to know kinds of sink installed. The first type of sink is Pedestal Lavatory. The sink of this type is using a pedestal to support the weight. You need to make cabinets for Pedestal Lavatory because this sink can not stand alone. The pedestal that used to hold this sink is only a pole, where the pole is attached to the wall. The second type of sink is Counter Lavatory. The second type of sink is planted over a cabinet. Cabinets are used to support the sink. It can be used for storage of goods. However, you must install the accurate installation of the pipe so that water from the sink does not seep into the cabinet. Water that seeps into the cabinet will make the goods is stored wet. You will need quite extensive land of bathroom when compared with other types of sink.

Installing a Sink Makes Bathroom More Comfrotable, transparant sink material

transparent sink material


And the last type of sink that is Wall Hung Lavatory. This sink is installed by hanging on the bathroom wall. The sink of this type does not require a holder to keep it hanging on the bathroom wall. You should use an expert to install this type of sink. There are several manufacturers of Wall Hung Lavatory who put two holes in this sink. The first hole at the bottom and a second hole located next to the sink. Both of these holes can be used as a channel to remove water being stored in the sink. However, if you want to hold water in the sink, you can close the hole at the bottom and remove the water using the existing hole beside the sink. But, there are some sinks do not have these two holes.
Well, do you believe that installing a sink makes bathroom more comfortable?

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