Installing Toilet Models Suitable for the Needs

Installing toilet models that is appropriate for the needs of a fairly high accuracy is required. Toilet models are now seen as one way of showing one’s self esteem. Nowadays, there are so many toilet models that support the above statement. Models of toilets are offered was varied. Toilet with a simple model and minimalist become popular for many people. Toilet with this model looks simple yet memorable classic.

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seat toilet


Initially, a model known by the public toilet is a squat toilet. Squat toilet indirectly makes users be trained in weight-bearing body. Body weight will be retained by the leg muscles. Use a squat toilet will prevent users exposed from direct contact with bacteria or germs from the toilet. However, people who have problems with foot or arkhitis not recommended to use this toilet.

squat toilet

However, now, there is the toilet seat designed for older people. Old people need a toilet that will support the weight of their bodies. In addition to older people, the toilet seat is also reserved for people who are overweight or obese more familiar with. Toilet with seat model makes users avoid the smell. However, if the toilet seat is not properly cleaned, the toilet seat would be a means that can spread skin disease. In addition, the toilet seat should also be avoided by people who have hemorrhoids or prostate disease.


If you decide to use a toilet seat, then there are some things to watch. The first thing that must be considered in selecting the type of toilet that fits your needs is to determine the distance of the toilet seat itself. The distance between the toilet seat hole and the wall should be measured as detailed as possible. These detailed measurements will greatly affect the position of the toilet. When toilet hole spacing is too narrow will make the toilet seat does not fit when installed. You have to make a hole again if the hole to toilet does not fit. This means, you have to spend money again.


The second thing to note is the base foundation of the toilet seat. Make sure you install this foundation properly. Installation of foundation is usually done using a mixture of cement. Do not forget to attach the bolts to make sure the toilet seat is installed correctly and is not swayed eventually.

modern squat toilet


A selection of brands is also quite influence in putting the toilet seat. Now, the toilet seat available in many range of models of the toilet seat, both physically and watering model. Physical model can be seen directly, while the model of watering be asked to shop. If you have more funds, you can also ask for toilet seat accessories for your future. The presence of accessories is expected to make users comfortable toilet.


It is no less important in installing a toilet is sure to flush the water lines and sewers. Channel water to flush the tank can be paired  while the sewer must be made without a hitch.

Now you already know the things that must be considered in installing a toilet. You may try toilet models that suit for you.

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