Is it neccesarly installing lightning rods at home?

Is it necessary installing lightning rods at home? This is a question that might be asked by several people. Natural conditions that can not be predicted with certainty sometimes are very disturbing. When a big rain falls, it is often accompanied by lightning. Lightning is a natural phenomenon that appears as a stepping electric charge between the earth and clouds. Thunderstorms are often daunting, especially if accompanied by a thundering voice. The sound of thunder boomed make people better to take refuge in the home rather than going out of the house. The fear of people is reasonable, considering that many trees are often uprooted due to a lightning strike when a big rain coming. This is because the lightning tends to grab objects are closest to the cloud, regardless of whether the objects are conductors or isolators.

lightning makes many people scare

Departing from this incident, many people who decided to install a lightning rod at house for safety reasons. Lightning rod is actually a system that has the function to capture and channel the lightning into the ground. The beginning of the lightning rods system was invented by Benjamin Franklin. Currently the lightning rod system is now made to enhance the discovery of Franklyn’s system only. The number of applicants to attach a lightning rod at home proof that many people have started to realize the danger of lightning if seized the building. Lightning rods are also required by high buildings. However, lightning-rod are not only for high-rise buildings only, because there are story lightning comes to an ordinary house. So a house may need lighting rods also.

lightning rods in high building

The decision to install a lightning rod is right at home. In addition, the house is located on the plateau or are in the area that a lot of rod. However, you must be careful when choosing a quality rod. Lightning rod with good quality must meet several safety requirements. A good lightning rod should be made of non corrosive materials. One of the anti-corrosion materials are often used in making lightning rob is copper, copper mixing, or aluminum. In addition, considering in terms of material selection, lightning rods that installed must be able to protect all parts of the house. Therefore, the lightning rod is installed shall be in accordance with careful calculation. Please note the installation of lightning rods on a flat roof and pitched roof was different.

a house with lightning rod

Lightning rod usually consists of several parts, including the terminal metal electrodes in the form of lightning strikes. Metal electrodes are mounted perpendicular. The second is the primary conductor, which serves to channel the electrical current from the lightning to the ground caught. In addition to the main conductor, there is also the assistant conductor for delivering electrical current to the ground made of metal. There is also a conductor circuit which is useful for connecting some other conductor. Conductor circuit will also continue this electrical current to the ground. And that last part is the lightning rod electrodes.

Now, you can answer the question above. Is it necessary installing lightning rods at home?

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