Is It Necessary Using Carpet in the House?

Using carpet in a room in your house is one way to beautify the dwelling. By using carpet in a room, family room for example, will make its own impression. One of the functions to use carpet in a room is as home decor. Although the carpet uses is small, but everyone who saw it will get a new impression.


Aside from being a decoration, carpets can also serve as a floor covering especially wood or ceramic floors. Hardwood floors and floor tiles are cold it will feel different when paired carpet. Carpets are paired on the second floor of this type can function as well as heated. Carpets that covering the floor can make a person sitting on it to get warm. An advantage by using carpet is to protect the floor from a variety of scratches. An event that can scratch the floor is when the door is opened or closed and swipe to the floor.


This is just part of the profits if you using carpets. Carpets that have properties to reduce friction also serve as a barrier or protective when someone falls. Carpets can avoid injury because it is made of material that tends to smooth. Many carpet manufacturers using a soft material and bright colors in making carpets. However, in buying a carpet color, the selection should be considered. Use the right carpet color for the right room. Carpets to be installed in a room at least have the same color with the color of the existing furniture in the room. It is highly recommended to avoid the impression of ‘collision’ in the room. Selection of the appropriate color will make the room looks beautiful and harmonious.

carpets motif

Color selection should also be considered with the texture of the carpet material. Do not use carpet that has a rough texture in the family room. Replacing the carpet with a rough texture in the family room will make the children were injured. Children tend to do things they want without considering the dangers. The texture of hard rubber which will probably hurt the children when there is friction with the skin of children which are still thin.


In addition, remembering the texture of the carpet, you should also consider the fabric of the carpet. There are basically two kinds of carpet fabric; they are materials of natural and artificial materials. Carpet makers from natural materials such as wool and cotton, while artificial materials such as nylon and rayon. Carpets made from wool usually can absorb liquid and dispel dust. Carpets are made of cotton will usually wear out faster than carpet made of wool.

model of carpet

Both rugs are made from natural materials or carpets made from artificial materials, they all need care. Treatment on the carpet is actually quite easy, ie that there is vacuuming the carpet. However, you also should take time to wash the carpet since the carpet is often used as nest mites that can cause allergies.

Well, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of installation,  do you wish using carpet in your house?


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