Double-function of Island Table in the Kitchen

You will not have a problem when creating a double-function of island table in the kitchen. It will exactly give you the advantage of all. In creating this double-function of island table, you will have to maximize the kitchen’s function by building the island table. Its functions mean processing, cleaning and serving the food. At the end, the kitchen becomes more organized.


Kitchen Island Table

It’s possible for you to change a kitchen model if you have a big-space area of it. For example, it’s easy for you to change a kitchen which has a island table. This kind of kitchen has one or two tables completed by a cabinet in the center of the room. Its presences makes your cooking activity more optimalized. Why is that? There, you can do various activities, including cooking, cleaning, and serving the food.

Usually, the island table is divided into two different areas: wet and dry area. In the wet area, this table is used for a place to process and serve the food. Its function is similar to the function of pantry. While in the wet area, there you can do the activity of washing the dishes and cooking stuffs. It is this thing which make a kitchen look neater and more organized.

Same-color Island Table

You shouldn’t be worried about keeping stuffs. The under-part of island table can be used for keeping cooking stuffs, such as saucepan, and the others. Therefore, there are many storages and you don’t have to hang the saucepans anymore just because there are no more spaces. Well finally, if you are interested in applying this double-function of island table in the kitchen, you shouldn’t forget to put two beautiful bar stools on it.

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