Area of Kitchen and Living Room in the Small House

If you are already confused when you stay in a small house and don’t know what to do with its size, then, it should be better for you to create the area of kitchen and living room in one same horizontal space. This is one of the solution of combining the kitchen and living room in the area of about 6m x 3m. This kind of modern kitchen and living room will be more efficient, modern and functional.

Same Area of Kitchen and Living Room

In some cities, most people have a small-type house (under 60 square meters). Because of that size, of course, the rooms inside it, are also small. For some interior designers, this is a challenge. They are required to be able to arrange the room layout as maximal as they can. The ways or steps are quite various and depend on their creativity.

Kitchen and Living Room

One of the ways to make your house more functional is to combine two rooms in your house into one. For example, you combine the kitchen with the living room into one same area. If you aren’t afraid to do it, the result will be pretty beautiful. The two room are in one area, about 6m x 3m in size. There is one furniture set which fulfilled the living room and one kitchen set beyond it.

The furniture in the living room includes a sofa, a panel and TV table (bench) which is stuck on the wall. While the furniture in the kitchen includes a cabinet and a bar table which can also be used for eating. Uniquely, these two rooms seem to be united with one same point of interest, that is a TV from the living room.

Blended Kitchen and Living Room

For you who have this big-size room, don’t be hurried to buy furniture in the store. It perhaps aren’t suitable with the need of your living room. A custom-made furniture can be one of the choices to fulfill and beautify the room interior of your house. This kind of furniture usually become the most popular among house-hunter. Then, are you interested to create the area of kitchen and living room in the small house at the same place?

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