Door-shaped Kitchen Storage

If you have a small-size kitchen, you should better try to make the concept of door-shaped kitchen storage in your house. The small-size of kitchen doesn’t mean that you can let your kitchen messy, right? If you can smartly utilize every stuffs in your house, therefore, this concept of door-shaped kitchen storage may become you best choice style of kitchen to be applied.

Kitchen Storage

Similar to the ordinary storage found in every house, this kind of kitchen storage also include the level of racks. Uniquely, those racks are not only found inside the storage, but also behind its door. It’s more interesting and useful when you are able to re-arrange and change its position, either to the top or under the rack. Why is that? How can it be applied?

The tips are very simple, actually. These racks are stuck in the iron (like rail) on its right and left. On that rail, there are holes used to hook the hasp in the racks. Creative, isn’t it? To prevent them from crashing, between the racks stuck on the door and inside the storage, you should be careful to arrange them. It means that the racks stucked on the door must be carefully arranged.

Kitchen Storage Cabinet

The way to keep racks like this give you extra space for storage. Applying this creative idea on your kitchen will definitely help you to fix your kitchen problem. At least, you finally found a proper storage for your kitchen stuffs. Then, the problem is how to increase your mood to create this door-shaped kitchen storage in your kitchen.

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