Knowing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Floor

There are some advantages and disadvantages of wood floor must be known. Wooden floor can indeed make the home atmosphere became ‘warmer’ and comfortable. Wood floor does create an atmosphere that can not be replaced by other types of floors. Wooden floor can indeed be used in a variety of house concepts that exist today. The house classical, modern, up to a house with minimalist concept, which is currently favored by many people, can be fitted with a wooden floor. The wood floor is now made with a variety of ways. This makes the fans more and more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Floor, a sample of wood floor

a sample of wood floor


Along with technological developments, wood flooring is now modified its colors and motifs. In addition to color and are made into a variety of motives, quality oof wood floor were made into more. Fans have had much choice in accordance with the available budget. The first type of wood flooring is solid wood floor. This type of wood flooring is very sensitive to humidity weather. In addition, changes in weather also affect this type of wood flooring. Solid wood floor boards are usually shaped sheet. The size of the wood flooring is made in a wide variety to fit the needs of the buyer. Solid wood floor has a natural impression. However, to get solid wood flooring of good quality needs a good drying process. This drying process is to determine the durability of this wood floor.

laminate wood floor


The second type of wood flooring is a veneer wood floor. If a solid wood floor is strongly influenced by the humidity and weather changes, then this deficiency will be overcome by the veneer wood floor. The preparation of a cross of wood when installed is called will be able to cope with the usual expansion shrinkage experienced by the solid wood floor. Veneer wood floor usually consists of several layers. These layers are pressed with a high temperature pressure. This can create a veneer wood floor has a long durability. However, if some say that the appearance of veneer wood floor does not look like real wood, you do not need to worry. Veneer wood floor has the appearance like wood. The top layer of wood veneer used on the original wood floor is a thin layer of wood. This of course can overcome anxiety about appearance. If the budget for limited in installing wood floors, veneer wood floor it would be a pretty good solution.

veneer wood floor


And the last is a laminated wood  floor. Although this type of wood flooring is not original, but there are also good choices into consideration. The price is cheaper than the two types of wood flooring above may be one of superiority. However, although the wood used instead of real wood, the quality is not need to be asked. There is a laminated wood  floor manufacturers stating that their products can last up to twenty-five years. In addition, laminated wood  floor with a good quality is more resistant to fire; water, even up to scratch!
Please decide to wear which one of type of floor once you know the advantages and disadvantages of wood floor.



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