Knowing the Power-Efficient House

Have you ever heard of power-efficient house? Power-efficient houses are not too familiar of many people, may be for many people in the world. However, if people hear it, definitely would be interested in listening for further information. Basically the power-efficient house design since before its construction was carried out. The first step to get the power-efficient house is to start designing environmentally friendly houses. Eco-friendly house will make electric power consumption becomes less. Do you believe that?


Green Architectural House

Green power-efficient house or Architectural house is a term used for this house. The term ‘Green’ at house refers to the use of materials derived from nature, both in exterior and interior use. One material that can be used as construction material Green Architectural house is wood, bamboo or natural rock. The use of natural material is closely attached to the term ‘Green’ from the house. Material that can be used in Green Architectural house must be safe and nontoxic. In addition, the material Green Architectural house should also be described easily. This is why this house called Eco-friendly houses. The use of natural materials such as bamboo as an ornament in the garden of the house or the use of wood as a wall of a house is one application that can be used in building the Green Architectural house. If the material is less powerful than nature, then you can look for some long-lived natural material. A timber is considered strong and durable is teak and oak. The use of wood is usually used to make doors or windows. However, there is also a use for the wood to be used as a roof. Materials from nature is not necessarily fragile, isn’t it?


solar panel

The term Green Architectural house is actually the basis for the development of power-efficient house. Power-efficient houses can be developed from the roof first then the power-efficient house is where the term began to be used already. Tin order to bear the Green Architectural house as power-efficient house, is to use solar panels on the roof of this house. Solar panels mounted on the roof will be one source of energy for power-efficient houses. Installation of solar panels is fairly easy, because basically the shape of the solar panel is shaped tiles. Solar panels mounted on the roof will make the sun’s heat will be absorbed and converted into energy sources.
A term of saving electricity is not only judged by the use of solar panels only. These items also should save electricity at house. For example, replace the air conditioning installation with windows large enough to get the wind. In addition, ventilation holes can also be made in that short of enough to get some fresh air. The amount of air circulation will be of course power-efficient houses. The use of air circulation is also highly recommended to be applied in the rooms in the house.


use more air circulations

Well, after read this article, do you know what green architectural house is? How about power-efficient house?

When you know their definition, now you can apply it to your house.

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