Living Room With African Decor

Living room with African decor can be one of the decorations that can make many people amazed. Living room with African decor is not much used by many people. Many people choose to use a minimalist decor, classic or modern. It is indeed reasonable, because many people prefer the practical thing when compared with aesthetic prefer the decor. African decor in the living room can not be denied its beauty. African decor is very interesting, even practically very interesting! There are a lot of impression would you get if using African decor, African decor, especially if you apply it in the living room in your home. African decor can indeed be one alternative for those of you who are looking for inspiration how to decorate the living room at home to be unique and interesting.


use african color in livingroom wall

There are various designs of African decor that you can apply to your living room. A way is to use paint to color the walls are very thick with the feel of Africa. You can use paint orange or brown in the living room wall. Any other color combinations can actually be used, for example by using white color on the ceiling of the room. As the main decoration, you can save a few potted plants with a large enough size. You are strongly advised to save the plants that have a large leaf size. You can also add some stuffed animals with hard water. These animals can you paste on the wall. In addition, you can also hang the frame that contains an animal or a leaf that has been dried.


use animal skin as wall decoration

Other designs you can use is to use the sofa with a typical African animal motifs. Sofa designs that you can use in the living room among other kinds of zebra or leopard. If you want the feel of another, you can use the skins as decoration on the wall. If you feel the animal’s skin even make you a killer beast, you can replace it with imitation leather. The result will remain the same even if you are using imitation leather.


use animal motif carpet

Designs from which you can also use the carpet with the motif is the same as animal skins. You can roll out the carpet in the living room. Carpets with animal motifs, such as zebra, of course, will be the focal point in your living room. In addition to zebra skin patterned carpet, you can also use furniture titled ‘nature’. Nature-themed furniture can be made from rattan chairs, a table made of wood and flower vases made of wood as well. As a complement, you can also save a vase and flowers on the table or keep it in the middle of the room. If you still confused, you can find many ideas in interior design magazines. In addition, you can consul to the expert in order to get a satisfy result. You also can explore your other ideas.

Well, you can immediately try it some kind of design a living room with African decor.

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