A Multi-Function Bedroom Design

One of the difficulties reason to arrange a room is to measure how multi-function bedroom design is. Some people admit that it’s difficult to arrange and compare the size of room with the furniture they have bought. The other perhaps don’t find any obstacles when they are measuring the proportion size of the room and its furniture. But for most of them, it’s kind of difficult.

Small Bedroom

Arranging a tiny bedroom needs much attention, especially in measuring its size and its amount of funiture. The tiny bedroom itself can be tinier when you are fulfilling it with various furniture you have bought at the market. This happens because the furniture are commonly in standard-size, which means that when you are putting them on your bedroom, they look super-large and dominant.

To arrange them into a functionable bedroom design, you can locate ordered-furniture on it. In creating a functionable bedroom design, for a limited space, it’s better for you to create your own furniture. With an exact measurement, the functionable bedroom design will look wider, and you will be more comfortable to stay at.

Small Bedroom Design

For example, when you are creating a single-person bedroom, the room’s measurement should be paid attention at. You should also refer to the size of bed itself because it also later will give any other influence to the whole room. To prevent from being too full in the bedroom, you should try to create a low-bed design. You can design it by making wood. It’s united with a 40cm x 40cm-sized nigtstand-table.

To make a functionable bedroom design, you may place a working table in a corner of a room, across the bed. The minimum size to be applied on the table is about 40cm x 60cm, about 75cm in height maximun. In a size, you have to consider it with the need of work. If you need a higher and bigger table for your work, it can be created as they are.

Space Layout for Small Bedroom

Finally, you have to count, compare and re-measure the space of all the furniture with the size of your bedroom. According to the size of length and width, the room you all need is only about 2m x 2.5m in desining a multi-function bedroom design.

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