Accessible Orange Kitchen

If your kitchen has an old-style kitchen and you also are hard to reach it in the back of your house, at least creating an accessible orange kitchen perhaps can be your reason to change you old-style one. If you have a 3.4mx3.8m space area left of your house, you can create this kitchen. This kitchen presents the color of orange as a main color. The color appears on some eating stuffs and on cabinet’s surface.

Accessible Kitchen

This color choosing makes the room look bright and eager. The cabinet (upper and under) is completed and covered by a glass door. This kind of variation creates a visual balance in this accessible orange kitchen. If you want, you can create an empty drawer under the cabinet. It’s shaped as a square box without a door. This is also a way to create a “harmony” which minimalize the plain look.

This accessible orange kitchen can of course be accessed from every way. It can be accessed both from the garage door and the main door of the house. Besides this accessible orange kitchen, you can also create a wet-kitchen which is located in front of the garage. However, the activity of eating is often being done here because it’s possible for you to warm or cook the food.

Orange Kitchen

The storage is functioned very optimal and is suitable with the room size. You can also use the cabinets to keep your eating and cooking stuffs. In the closet, there are four drawers hung besides the sink. Its size is about 20cmx10cmx38cm. These drawers are used for keeping a set of fork and spoon. Moreover, you can also create the look of modern in this accessible orange kitchen by applying stainless steel plate between the drawer and cabinet.

Accessible Orange Kitchen

While everything is put on its right place, you shouldn’t forget about the dust cleaning. You can use a dry rag to clean it. While the placing of opened-drawer can be used to keep bottles of seasoning or also as an accessories display. These kind of vessels need your attention in order not to put too many things on it. All of these stuffs will grow the feeling in your beautiful accessible orange kitchen.

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