Painting as a Decoration at Home

You can create a painting as a decoration at home. Painting it can be used as one of the decorations in addition to curtains, chandeliers and various other Ornaments in the war room. If most people use the curtain as decoration, it is reasonable. This is because the curtain has a color and design of many kinds. In addition to curtains, people are also commonly used as a decorative chandelier, especially in the living room decor. However, both these ornaments are very commonly used as decoration in the living room. Curtains by color and striking design and exciting it can be a decoration in the living room, however, the selection of designs and colors that do not fit curtains instead will make the living room became uncomfortable. On the same side, hanging lamps are widely used as a decoration of the living room. Chandelier was chosen because it possessed two functions, like curtains, such as decoration and other benefits.


However, you should try this one decoration. You can try painting as decoration in the living room. Painting is not widely used as decoration. Most people just hang paintings on the wall because it can give beauty to the living room. You can use a painting as the center of attention in the room in the house. You will not need a variety of other decorations if you are using a painting in the living room, but, of course taking into account the size, color and design of the painting.


painting as a decoration at home use bright painting Painting as a Decoration at Home

use bright painting

There are a variety of room designs using the painting that you can apply at home. You can hang the painting in the living room as a focal point in your living room. If you have a living room with minimalist design, then you should use a painting with colors that are bright enough. This is because the living room or a minimalist room very close to white or black. Full-color paintings that hung in the living room will make the painting the center of attention for people who see it.

painting as a decoration at home wall painting in living room Painting as a Decoration at Home

wall painting in living room

The second design space by using painting as a decoration home is to make the painting directly on the wall, without a frame. You can make a direct painting on the wall, the living room or bedroom. However, you must ensure that the use of colors and objects on the paintings have a beauty. Painting with the object and the right colors will make the painting a decoration in the room in the house. You can use the painting with the theme of nature or form of objects, the point is whatever you like. However, you should pay attention to the concept of the room. You can choose a colorful painting in a minimalist room to make a point of focus.


unique wall painting

However, you can also use the painting with colors and concepts that are almost similar to the room to create a more harmonious appearance of the room.

Those are some designs to create a painting as a decoration at home.

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