Problems that Arise in the Bathroom

There are so many problems that arise in the bathroom that is often used by a family. The existence of a bathroom is a mandatory requirement that must be met in building a house. Bathroom cleanliness must be maintained remembering its function is so important. An ideal bathroom for all people is a clean and comfortable bathroom. Bathroom is often used but if it is not guarded and not treated causes various problems. The bathroom becomes a source of disease, the bathroom was not treated and maintained can also cause odor.

problems that arise in the bathroom, a sample of a clean bathroom

a sample of a clean bathroom

Offensive odor from the bathroom is usually emerged from a dirty toilet. Dirty toilet causing a stinky smell and also trigger the bad bacterias that can damage the health of the homeowner. Apparently the problem caused by untreated toilet is not just a bad odor. A dirty toilet but it is not immediately cleaned up would lead to crust on the toilet. Crust that arises in the toilet becomes difficult to remove. The difficulty is increasing because of the toilet variety. Level of difficulty cleaning the crust on the toilet seat and squat toilets is varying. One way to clean the toilet of the most common and easiest to do is flush the area with vinegar crusty. Do not rush to clean the vinegar by using water. This vinegar should be allowed to advance for one hour. Make sure crust stuck to the toilet has been brushed before flushing with clean water.

how to clean the bathroom

The crust on the toilet is not the only problems that arise in the bathroom. Bathrooms that are always exposed with water can make a bathroom floor was always wet. A wet bathroom floor is resulting from the presence of stagnant water on the floor. This is because the slope of the bathroom floor is not perfect or there are leaks in the waterways. Bathroom with a slope that is not perfect is also highly vulnerable to flooding from waterways. If this is not addressed immediately then other problems arise with the streak. Leaks can cause a moist bathroom walls and cause mold. Fungi that arise can damage the walls so that it becomes brittle and uncomfortable to be seen. In addition, fungi also make the air in the bathroom becomes not fresh.

brush the toilet also

Another problem that may arise in the bathroom is clogged faucets and shower. One cause clogging faucets and shower is the presence of iron and moss are clogged. Irons that clog the sidelines of faucets and shower comes from the water. While the moss, grows in water reservoirs are exposed to sunlight. It is indeed often the case because many people who know how to clean faucets and shower. To clean a clogged faucets and showers can do with vinegar water immersion for ten minutes. Faucets and shower are dirty containing Mycobacterium avium. Mycobacterium avium is a bacteria that trigger many diseases, such as lung infection. In addition, these bacteria also make a person decreased their immunity.

The problems above are just some fractions of the problems that arise in the bathroom.


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