Profits and Excess Material Manufacturer Door Frames

The importance of making a quality door frames will determine the durability of the window. Wood is often used in the manufacture of wooden door frames. It must be of good quality. In addition to considering terms of quality, the aspects of durability must also be considered. Some types of wood commonly used in making the door frames is teak and camphor wood.

door frames-wood door frame

wood door frame

Type of wood is used to make door frames are very diverse. You should be able to choose a good material for making door frames in your home. This is because the importance of the function of the door of a house. A healthy home should have a door for air circulation. Remembering from its function, then the door frames had to be made and planned as possible.


In addition to planning and manufacturing, door frames had to be cared for properly. Good care will impact on the durability of your door frames. Door frames are treated will make a durable door frames. Many people ignore the door frames treatments. Door frames frequently under the spotlight of sunlight, exposed to rain water splashes and dust because of its strategic location.

UPVC door frame

Now, the door frames are made of various materials. Materials commonly used in the manufacture of door frames are wood. Problems that occur in wood frame usually are termites. Door frames made of wood should be covered first by the anti-termite. In addition, the wood will be used as door frames should be covered also by the anti-fungal. Paint used to paint the door frames had to be a special paint that coated door frames perfectly. The problems that occur in wooden frames are so many. However, the manufacturers of the door frame try to make some new innovations, which make door frames using materials from UPVC, aluminum and door frames are in the cast.

aluminum door frame

An UPVC door frames of materials typically used in bathrooms. Door frames with this type is much lighter when compared with the door frames made of wood. However, UPVC frames are particularly vulnerable to collisions. Collisions that occur on UPVC frames would make a frame burst. Door frames made from aluminum is not going to be eaten by termites. However, such UPVC frames, sills of this type should not be hit by anything. Collisions will change the size of the frame. Door frames made of aluminum do not require regular maintenance. Care needs to be done to keep it well is to wipe the sills. You just need to wipe with a damp cloth. The easy maintenance make more people start to switch to using the door frames made of aluminum now. The latter is door frames made from the cast. The emotion note of the door frame with a model in the cast is its process. Casting a door frame must be ensured completely dry. All its need in door frame from the cast is to be painted to perfection.

Well, have you’ve decided to use which materials for your door frames?

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