Protect Your Home by Installing Window Bars

The windows are not fitted with window bars are often used by thieves as a way into the house. The rise of home with a minimalist design also affects the shape of windows and doors. Homes with a minimalist design tend to use windows with elongated shape and small. However, this small window with the form still can be entered by people. While the elongated shape of the windows in a minimalist home makes it easy for thieves entered the house. Window with a small form which was invaded by a thief let alone a window with elongated shapes.

vertical window bars

To cope with the rise of a thief who entered through the window, was made a  window bars.  Window bars can preclude someone as a thief who will go into the house through a window. Another function of the window bars is as a protector of the household from theft. The number of people who decide to use a trellis to make producers trellis trellis make model and color that is mixed. The new window bars function is a part for doors and window bars to complete decorations. Number of models and colors of window bars sometimes make buyers confused in choosing the trellis. There are several things to consider in choosing a trellis to the window.


The very first thing to consider is to determine the size of the window grille that matches the size of the windows of your home. The wrong size window trellis will make your window when the installation is damaged. Size is too big or too small to make a window becomes beautiful eyes.

horizontal window bars

The second thing to consider is choosing the right window bars form with your windows form. You can not put up a window bars with an oval shape while the form of a square window in your home. The simplest form of trellis is a window bars-shaped horizontal meeting. window bars with this form just a collection of iron bars arranged in a certain distance. However, the window bars with a shape like this should be ascertained strength. Irons must be arranged arranged with great force. If the preparation of iron is not strong, then the trellis window is not considered safe in protecting your home. Horizontal trellis-shaped window is widely installed in homes with a minimalist design.


There is also a window in the form of vertical bars. Window bars model is usually combined with some indentation to beautify their shape. And the latter type is window bars that using engraving. window bars with this form usually have a unique and beautiful. Bars over the windows are carved usually colored gold. It is intended to provide a luxurious but still can match the house color is mixed. However, along with various advantages, the windows are carved railings have a more expensive price compared to the other window bars.

unique window bars


Bars over the windows are many kinds. Besides the models of diverse, meets these demands should also consider the strength of the  window bars  that will tide you home.

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