Purple Bedroom Ideas

The ideas of applying purple bedroom can help you to decorate the feminine bedroom in the house. Purple is considered as a beautiful and nice color. It seems a bit identical with pink. The idea of applying purple bedroom is usually designed for the girls in the house. There are many colors of purple bedroom ideas that you can apply at home.

Light Purple Bedroom

You may need to combine the darker and lighter shade to make it balanced. The lighter one should be the primary color in the purple bedroom. The supporting color is available by the presence of the darker shades. If you focus on applying the darker shades as the primary color, your bedroom can look cramped, tight and small. The lighter one is much prefect to deliver fresh, cheerful, bright and large appearance.

The lighter shades of purple bedroom can be in the form of lavender, lilac and wisteria. If you opt for darker shades as the accent, you can have a wide variety selection of regalia, Byzantium, or Byzantine. All of them are popular among the children and adults. The children in the house love to have the purple bedroom ideas for the color is associated with some magic.

Modern Purple Bedroom

Purple bedroom can be romantic too. When you want to deliver the romance in this bedroom, you can get the bedding in lilac color theme and combined it with white sheer for the curtain and for the canopy bed. The purple flowers in the bedroom can add the romantic feeling too. This color is also perfect to deliver the royal feeling.

Even though the era of king and queen has been passed, that kind of styles can give you the ideas of purple bedroom of princess decoration in the house. You can paint the wall with images of castle along the prince and princess. The bedding can be in such pattern too. It will be great to deliver the princess-theme purple bedroom for your daughter. They will love it much to have this remodeling project.

Classic Purple Bedroom

You can combine the color with some other supporting colors like gold, silver and black for luxurious feeling. If you want casual style, white can be the best option to go. The bedding can be designed in velvet material with its ruffle look. It will carry the traditional feeling, yet elegant model. If you want something modern, you should apply the purple bedroom ideas.

You should opt for simple bedding that look modern and futuristic. The pillow, bolster and comforter should be free from any ornamentation like lace or even ruffle. Before you apply the romantic purple bedroom ideas in the house, you should think about theme for the sleeping area for harmonious appearance.

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