Remodel Bathroom with Tiles

You can remodel bathroom with tiles to increase the value of your bathing room. Many people think that tiles are expensive. It is not true. You can find the tiles in affordable style.  You do not need to spend a lot of cash if the tiles come in affordable style such as vinyl tiles or ceramic tile. Avoid granite or marble tiles if you think that they are beyond your budget. The tile decoration is perfect to accent the shower area and vanity surround. You can make the wall look beautiful since bathroom tiles come in a lot of options. If you visit the home improvement stores, you can see a lot of designs, colors and patterns of tiles. Here are the tips to remodel bathroom with tiles:

How to design a bathroom with tiles and colors

Remodeling a Tile Shower

What you need to do is removing the shower hardware first so that you can work in comfort. The hardware can be unscrewed. Use a plastic bag to save the items in a safe place. When you finish remodeling the bathroom tile, you can place the hardware again on the shower tiles.

Cover the untouched area

The next thing to do to remodel bathroom with tiles is covering the untouched area by using the plastic drop cloth. You can avoid any damage if you do it.  You can cover the bathroom area and shower floor area because both areas are not included in the remodeling projects.

remodel bathroom with tiles in black

Avoid any grout

Grout is often seen in the bathroom. To remove it you can use a knife. You need to be patient when remodeling the grout one by one because it is not easy to do. By removing the grout, you can loosen the tile for the remodeling project. Now you can loosen the edges of the tile by using a flat screwdriver. Ensure that your hand is protected because it is too dangerous in bare hands. The pieces for the tile should be broken with hammer if it is too difficult for you to remove it using a flat screwdriver. Remove all tiles on the floor or wall using this method until the entire area is clear. You can remove them in a plastic drop cloth. All debris, dirt and dust should be removed from the site so that you can install the tile in smooth and perfect condition.

remodel bathroom with tiles in blue

Install a new tile

The last thing that you should do when you remodel bathroom with tiles is installation. You can pick the color of tiles based on the style and interior design in the room. If your bathroom comes in modern style, you can pick the light colored tile. It can be in white or cream. If you want to enjoy a sparkling look, glittery tiles are good to define the wall in the bathroom shower area. You need to read the instruction on the box of tiles carefully before the installation project. Do it one by one. Don’t forget to press the tile firmly when you remodel bathroom with tiles.

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