Retro Interior Design Concept in a House

Retro interior design concept is quite different with the house concept in general. If the interior design of houses in general tends to use colors that are similar to each other, then it cannot be found on the retro house concept. Interior design in general will use the color of the walls, furniture or other items that have a common color. However, the retro house concept is not the case. Retro house concept use colors that conflict with each other to get a different impression. An example is to use a different wall color, such as red and green colors in the same wall. The combination is what will actually make your house feel more “alive”. Striking the wall color is also a hallmark of the retro concept house.


Retro interior design concept retro color interior design Retro Interior Design Concept in a House

retro color interior design

You can use a variety of bright colors for your house. Retro house concept will stimulate the senses of people who see it to know what is behind the retro house concept. An example which is can you apply on the walls of your house that uses red color in the living room wall and use the blue color in the family room wall. You can also use other colors on the walls of bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. If most of the other concept house uses nearly the same color, then the concept house is not retro! One characteristic that sets it apart is the selection of color against each other. If the minimalist house concept tends to use white color on the walls, and the colors derived from the color white for the walls of another room, then the retro concept house is not so! Retro concept house tends to use colors that collide, even though on one wall of the same.


bedroom for retro interior design

In addition to conflicting color games on the wall, you can also use game pad colors used in furniture in the room. If there is more like using a wooden seat or seats that have a wood pattern, do not hesitate to put it. You do not have to worry with the views of people who will say that the interior design in the room is not the same. You would likely get a warm and cheerful atmosphere of the merger of several colors in the same room at once.


One of the decorations that you can use is to store gramophone in the living room or in your bedroom. Gramophone will make you instantly recall the 70′s. Well, if you have felt the atmosphere like that, then you have to design the interior of your house successfully. Besides gramophone, you can also put up posters of bands that famous in the past, such as the Beatles. However, do not immediately put the poster on the wall. This will greatly affect the beauty of the rooms in your house. We recommend that you frame by frame poster with bright color as well.


retro furniture interior design

If you are still confused with the concept, retro, you can look it up in several interior design magazines.

Well, that’s a few tips to make your retro interior design concept

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