Retro Shower Curtain in a Bathroom

Retro shower curtain may be an option for those of you who are looking for the right shower curtain for the bathroom in the house. Shower curtain in the bathroom can be a decorating for the bathroom in your house. Shower curtain in the bathroom has become a necessity for many people to their bathroom. Shower curtains can be useful as a barrier to the bathroom wet area in your house. That is some function of the shower curtain in the bathroom. However, in addition to considering the function, you also have to concern colors and patterns that will be used for your shower curtain in the bathroom.


black and white retro shower curtains

You can choose a wide selection of colors, patterns and even to the concept used in the shower curtain in the bathroom at house. You can choose a shower curtain a minimalist, classic or even retro! Retro shower curtain can be one of choice in the bathroom shower curtain in your house. Retro concept also emphasizes moments of glory in the era of the 60′s and 70′s. By using a retro curtain will make you become more excited and more ‘live’. On the other hand, for those of you who are old enough, use retro shower curtain will revive the days when you were young once, of course, but the spirit that you feel when you see the shower curtain. Retro shower curtain will make everyone who saw it to be more eager to face the next activity.


colorful retro shower curtains

Retro shower curtain has now become one of the trends for many people. Many people are aware of the uniqueness of the retro concept itself. Retro concept which often uses bright colors or even use the opposite color tends to be unique. Some colors are often used to include the concept of retro orange, red and yellow. However, other colors are also not ruled to be used. Motif of a shower curtain that can be used for example is a circular pattern with a combination of several, namely red and black. Retro designs of shower curtains that can be used are something that became one of the icons of the past, such as the hero of the day superhero. There are some stores that sell shower curtain with a picture of Batman or Robin, of course, with a picture of that era. Well, you need to know also that one of the retro motif is quite famous in the 70′s is an angel motif. Angel motif with a humorous caricature of a character which had been used by many people crowded I in the 70′s.


Retro shower curtain design 2

In addition to superheroes and cartoon angel motif, you can also use blue bubble pattern on the shower curtain in your house. Blue bubble icon is also one in the 70′s. However, you do not have to use these motifs to get the retro feel of the shower curtain in your bedroom. Retro motif shower curtain can make your own is a variety of animal motifs, such as zebras, lions, elephants and giraffes.

This is a unique retro shower curtain.

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