Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Scandinavian kitchen design is one of the traditional decorating styles that you can apply at home. The characters that you should evoke in this type of kitchen theme are designed from the cool atmosphere. Most of the furniture pieces used to define the Scandinavian kitchen design is made from pine. The line that you should evoke in the surface of the furniture is made in serious pattern.


Scandinavian Kitchen

The tones that that should express in this Scandinavian kitchen design gain the interpretation from the fjords. Even though the Scandinavian kitchen design made in serious quality, you do not need to worry since it can deliver the warm ambiance for the occupants in the house. If we talk about the history to the Scandinavian design, you should thank to the King Gustave of Sweden. This man is the pioneer of this type of decorating style.

The popularity of this decorating style became famous in the latest 50s, 60s and 70s. The people who live in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark love to apply the Scandinavian theme to decorate not only their living room but also in the kitchen and dining room. This quality brought by this Scandinavian kitchen design is simple and elegant.

Rattan Scandinavian Kitchen

It never makes the home owner apply the complicated characters. The main material used to define in this Scandinavian kitchen design is wood. Pine wood will be better to deliver the Scandinavian feeling. However, you can opt for other woods if you do not like with pine. Some of them include oak, mahogany or even cherry.

The wood material in the Scandinavian kitchen design should be spread in all of the rooms. You should apply it on the furniture that you place in the cooking area. For example, you may get the wood chair, table, countertop, cabinet, benches, cupboard, shelving or even stool. All of them can be made in wood accent.

Simple Scandinavian Kitchen

The surface of the wood should be finished by using lighter accent. It is intended to grab the render feeling in the Scandinavian kitchen design. The flooring that you have in the kitchen must be replaced by using wood. The terra cotta or even ceramic flooring is not suitable with the principle of the Scandinavian kitchen design.

You can opt for stone flooring if you want more natural feeling in this Scandinavian kitchen design. The furniture pieces that you have applied in the kitchen can be combined with other materials. You can upholster the chairs by covering it with leather. The look of your Scandinavian kitchen design will look great by the presence of glass material.

White Scandinavian Kitchen

The lighting system that you can apply in this Scandinavian kitchen design should deliver the natural and classy feeling. You can pick pendant lighting to illuminate your lovely kitchen. What about the color scheme in this kitchen? You can dominate the look by applying the combination of green, white and blue colors. All of them can carry harmonious effect in the Scandinavian kitchen design.


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