Selecting Glass for Your Window to Make Your House More Beautiful

A house accessory that must be chosen carefully is selecting glass for your window. Glass is one of the accessories that have a function that is no less important than other accessories. Glass can also beautify the appearance of your house. In addition, you can pour your creativity to shape and glass model that will be paired in the windows of your house. Glass is carefully selected to make houses more ‘perfect’. Indeed, many small factors that can enhance the appearance of your house. If a small factor is ignored, then the consequences will affect to the look of the house.
Display houses can beautify with a pair of glass in accordance with the concept of your house. However, you must be careful in selecting glass. There are many glasses in the market today. There are several types of glasses, including:
1. Tempered glass is arguably strong enough. Power possessed by the glass is described as much as five times that of ordinary flat glass. However, if tempered glass is broken, the fragments will not hurt people who are close by. You can find this type of glass on the car. In view of this glass is quite thick, then the price can be fairly expensive.

broken tempered glass

2. Laminated glass is included to the type of glass is shatterproof because the center is coated by polyvinyl butyral. However, even if laminated glass breaks, the pieces will stick to the layer of polyvinyl butyral so it will not hurt. However, unlike tempered glass, that if broken will form flakes, laminated glass will be destroyed if broken. An advantage of this glass is its ability to withstand ultraviolet light and the noise outside.

laminated glass

3. Stained glass is one of the favorite types of glass to be installed at house. Stained glass does have a beautiful shape and color and beauty. The process for making this glass is quite complicated. Glass with different colors and shapes will be spliced. Glasses connections are made using tin. Jointed glass can create a beautiful color effects. However, to be able to pair the stained glass is not used ordinary frames. Frame which is used to frame the stained glass is brass or zinc formed according to the shape and size of stained glass. You are strongly advised to use a stained glass craftsman because you must book in advance to obtain this glass.
4. Last type of glass is flat glass. This type of glass is including to one of the glass that is widely used in many houses. As already known for many people, the glass of this type will be able to hurt the people around it if broken. However, the affordability is widely used to make glass. To beautify the flat glass, you can create with carving and other techniques. If you are creative, you can create your imaginative ideas, and then the flat glass will become interesting.

flat glass


Well, after reading some reviews about the glass top, you will have no difficulty in selecting the glass is not it? Yet, somehow, you also have to remain careful in selecting glass for your window.


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