Simple Bathroom Layout, No Many Store in Bathroom

Simple bathroom layout can be one way for you to make the bathroom look more practical. Given there are currently many people who prefer to use the bathroom with a minimalist design, then you should start thinking of making a bathroom with a simple display. It is indeed reasonable, because there are many people prefer the efficiency of time and money in the world that demand fast-paced and practical. Departing from this condition, many people prefer to make a bathroom with a simple layout. If you have made the design of the bathroom, then there is you should start creating a simple layout. However, the design and layout of this bathroom all depends on your taste. You can use a variety of designs to suit taste. However, there is a good idea to use a simple bathroom layout. If you keep too much stuff, so the bathroom will be full and overflowing, moreover, if the layout of the bathroom is not made properly. Well, it helps you begin to design the layout for simple bathroom furniture can determine the position to be saved.


simple bathroom layout

If you have determined the bathroom fixtures and furniture is what will be saved, then begin to determine the exact position to keep all these items. You can begin to determine the exact position to keep the tub, if you use it, or determine the position of the shower. You should make two rooms in the bathroom. Both rooms can be sealed with glass or not, it all depends on your own. The second room in the bathroom is to make the bathroom wet and dry. You should consider the layout of the bathroom. Both types should be separate bathroom. In addition, you also have to put a variety of furniture and bathroom fixtures appropriate to the type you want to use the bathroom. You can store a separate shower with a toilet seat. This is because the toilet seat was used in the bathroom dry. If you put a shower near the toilet seat, it will spray the toilet seat and surrounding floor.


simple bathroom layout design

You can store in the bathroom sink. The sink is usually placed opposite the toilet. The sink is to be included in the simple bathroom layout. This is because furniture that is required in the bathroom is a toilet, bathtub or shower and sinks. Other bathroom fixtures can be stored outside the bathroom or in the temple on the bathroom wall. You can put a mirror on the wall above the sink.


use minimalist bathroom furniture

In addition, mandatory furniture in the bathroom, you can also put the bin or pile to store towels. However, given the added equipment means more space in the bathroom, you have to think of other ways. For example, by making hangers for towels at the bulkhead between the shower and toilet, or to keep the trash in the corners of the bathroom is usually neglected.

Those are some ideas about making a simple bathroom layout.

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