Simple Ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms

Ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms can make your bathroom look beautiful and fun. You just have to apply to with color furniture and design in the bathroom. There is no need for you to sacrifice the roominess in the bathroom when decorating the space with modern or minimalist decoration. You can make it simple with a lot of intricate patterns and furniture. Let me guide you with some interesting ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms:

Ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms in Cream

Monochromatic Design

Think about the monochromatic design when you want to apply the ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms. There are many monochromatic color schemes that people can choose to apply at home. You can go with a single color in different shades. For example, you can dominate the bathroom with combos of white, gray and black colors. All of them present the modern style in the bathroom. You can use brown as a tone for the people who want to carry natural effect in the bathroom. You can dominate the ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms by adding cream, beige and dark brown in the room. The combination of cream and white colors is perfect. The people who want to enjoy open space design can go with nautical effect. You just need to decorate it with driftwood, seashell mirror even white mirror.

Design a 5 x 8 bathroom with Marble

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is not welcomed in ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms. The smaller space in the bathroom will look tight if the room is filled with mess and clutter. You need to organize it first before you apply any decoration in the bathroom. The unnecessary objects should be eliminated from the room. You need to have more bathroom storage areas in the bathroom to keep it neat. The shelves under the sink are perfect to accommodate more towels in the room. The cabinet in the bathroom can be used to save the knick knacks and bathroom supplies.

Ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms


The selection of color in the bathroom should be easy and simple. You do not need to use any bold or dark color as the main shade. The solid colored wall is nice to have in the ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms. You can have the color in the bathroom for wall, furniture, towel and curtain comes in harmonious effect. If you want to enjoy a calming mood in the room, you can go with pale blue color in the room. Then you can paint it with white wall. The bathroom furniture pieces can come in casual effect with tan color. You can have it made from rattan or wicker material. The shelving unit can be made in wicker to create the tropical design in the small bathroom. The energetic feeling is applied when you infuse the main color with bright citrus color.  A hot pink color can be seen on the backsplash of your shower area. It can be infused with white tile on the border area in ideas for 5 x 8 bathrooms.

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