A Beautiful Small Kitchen Design

Some of you perhaps dream about having a beautiful small kitchen design, aren’t you? As you know, a beautiful small kitchen doesn’t have to be always as like as it is. The kind of small kitchen, even though its size is not very big, its presence still has function to whole room in your house. In the other side, it definitely makes the other rooms more interesting.

Kitchen-set Sketch

If there is only a little bit space for a kitchen, at least you shouldn’t give it up. There can still be created a beautiful small kitchen though in a small space. For example, there is a 2.1m x 1.8m-size room which can still serve so many delicious food. Although the size is relatively small, this kind of small kitchen can still fulfill your apetite with food, right?

Small Kitchen

The main key of the small kitchen design is the making of cabinet which is continously built towards the plafon. Its purpose is to keep various stuffs of cooking and eating. As for the food storage, you should create a cabinet and hanging-shelves on one side of kitchen’s wall. The opened-shelves can be used for keeping a set of eating’s stuff, dinner ware or cooking’s stuffs often used. So, at least you don’t have to be worried.

About 1 meter from the kitchen-set, you can also add a dining table. A 160cm x 70cm x 70 cm-sized table can be built by sticking it to the wall in order to make some distance for people to walk in the small kitchen itself. You can create its desgin of table as simple as you can and by using an iron-steel pipe for its legs.

Small Kitchen Design

The dominance of white also helps to create this kind of small kitchen design brighter and wider. If you consider more, you should better to add a cabinet under a kitchen-set and lighting. Besides to beautify, it has function to keep a kitchen easy to be cleaned. A propriate lighting makes some dirt lookable. Well then, are you ready to create a beautiful small kitchen design in your house?

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