Simple Design of Small Living Room

This simple design of small living room may make your inspiration increase. The location of small living room which is united with the dining room is the right place to make benefits for color. Bedides to add some room values, color painting will also become a imaginary boundary and differ the small living room itself with the other rooms.

Bright Living Room

In some cases, because having been bordered with the dining room, the small living room must be differently designed. It must be certainly different with the dining room, right? If the dining room has brown for its theme color, the small living room must have different theme color. Therefore, the designer must choose bright color, such as either yellow or blue for the color of small living room.

However, as a reminder, although it’s been bright, these colors tends to look darker if it’s applied to your small living room. Therefore, you should carefully apply these colors. You shouldn’t use these colors on a closed and lightless room. Because, it will make you feel uncomfortable.Besides using bright color, your small living room can also be painted by combining neutral colors. The nature colors, such as light brown, beige, and white, are some examples.

Yellow and White Living Room

The using of white as your color paint in your small living room has function to balance the dark color of brown. White can reflect light so that it will make the room look wider and brighter. If you don’t want to use white as your color, you could use the other natural color, such as light beige or light green.

Last but not least, as an accessories, you should better hang some modern/ traditional paintings on your wall of your small living room.


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