Floral-Ornamented Small Pantry

Perhaps it’s a little bit difficult for you to create a floral-ornamented small pantry in your house because there is not much space left. However, it’s even easier for the other people to create it. The floral ornamented in the cabinet door and the wallpaper on its backdrop should be applied on your small pantry in your house. It also makes this small pantry look fabulous and special.

Small Pantry

At least, if you don’t have a big-size house, you should leave some space for creating this small pantry in order to make your activity easier. You can combine any color you want in applying this pantry. For example, you can create an ordinary composition of color with its white finishing duco on the upper-cabinet. The top table of the cabinet uses a black marble. Its size is very small, only about 230cx60cm. Can you imagine how small is that?

The next thing you should done is the applying of floral-ornamented carved in the cabinet door’s surface. The floral ornament makes this small pantry look very unique. Its display is much more interesting with its floral wallpaper stuck in the cabinet’s backdrop. Therefore, this small pantry will make people interested to stay here longer.

Small-size Pantry

The floral appliance carved in the upper cabinet has three different sizes: 7cm, 10cm and 12cm. Those floral carving are located randomly in the surface of cabinet’s door. The carving’s niche and the lighting make the display very special and extraordinary. However, you can also use a left-over wallpaper as an artwork in the backdrop.

Because the wallpaper’s motive is same as the motive in the cabinet, it is utilized as a backdrop’s motive. To protect the wallpaper from the water splash, its surface is covered by 5mm transparent glass. You should place this small pantry beyond the foyer. It means that when guests are visiting you, therefore it’s this floral-ornamented small pantry which is first seen by guest.

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