Solution for a Cracked Wall When Installing Nails

One of the problems that arise on the wall is a cracked wall when installing nails. The problem, such as cracked wall usually arises when you want to attach a photo or painting. Installation of wall hangings such as pictures or paintings made the walls of your house becomes more ‘warm’ and full of artistic nuances. The other shades can also arise when you decide to install a plaque on the wall of your home.

hanging frame


Installation of a variety of wall hangings such as those mentioned above can indeed highlight some the impression that you will get. But to get an impression like this, you have to work quite harder. Wall hangings which are usually are mounted in a frame. The frame is divided into two kinds. The first kind is sitting and hanging frames. Installation of seat frame is not a problem. However, the frame that must be mounted on walls often cause problems. The problem that arises is when the installation is the time frame is mounted on the wall. Before they are installed, you should look for a strategic location. The strategic location makes the frame can be seen by many people. When you’ve found the right location, you must find tools that can help put your frame. Equipment that can help you to put the frame on the wall is a hammer and nails. Hammer used to pound nails into the wall so firmly embedded nails while used as a tool to hang your frame.

installing nails

One way to overcome of this problem is to put tape on the nail be plugged. Masking tape can be attached with plus sign or cross. If the tape is paired, then you can start nailing. When finished, remove the masking tape and a wall you will not be cracked. However, if your walls are cracked as well, you can pour two tablespoons of vinegar to the wall. You have to allow the vinegar until dry. When it dries, you can begin to pair the nails into the wall. However, you should still put some tape before installing the nail.

using tape to avoid cracked wall


Inserting a nail is not a difficult affair. Even a woman can do it! However, the pair of nails can make your walls becomes damaged. Wall cracks that occur due to installation of the nails will spread to other parts and cause problems at a later day.
The cracked wall when installing nails is now no longer a problem, right?





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