Strong Color Accent in the Bathroom

If you are already bored with your pastel-like color in your bathroom, then you can put different strong color accent there. A little daring “touch” to your bathroom can make it more dynamic. For example, you can put orange or red, to make it more eager. Therefore, you also have your passion to often take a bath if you have a strong color accent in your bathroom.

Bathroom with Strong Color

If you are interested in putting the strong color accent in the bathroom, you should at least arrange it with the perfect interior layout. The look you will get from the interior layout is modern and stylish. You can put the strong color accent on each side of the wall by painting the color of orange or other daring colors. However, those colors are still united on one concept of modern.

You should arrange those colors in the area of washbasin with grey mozaic ceramic in order to get the natural look. It will look very different from the place where you see it from the floor to plafon/ ceiling. The refraction of yellow light beyond the mirror you put will cause a dramatic look. In these strong color accent, a dim yellow light will make your bathroom look more different than before.

Bathroom with Strong Color Accent

In putting strong color accent, the color’s choosing of bathtub and toilet will look contrast with the floor’s color. It’s also contrast with most part of the dark-color wall. Thus, the same thing goes to the choosing of washbasin which look like a large white bowl. The washbasin itself is applied above the black marble top-table. The combination like this gives an obvious difference to the using of sanitary system.

Colorful Bathroom

The other details on this contrast combination in putting stong color accent is that you can put some white coral stones spread around the bathtub. You can make a niche in the floor in order to make the surface of the stones same with the floor. You should also put a window to make the air circulation fresher and get the natural atmosphere. Are you ready to put this strong color accent in the bathroom?

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