Stylish Ideas for a Yellow Living Room

Use ideas for a yellow living room to banish the bare feeling.  Yellow color is always linked with the bright sun. The people living in a dark home with few windows can choose a yellow color on the living room. It can deliver a bright feeling which can increase the roominess and cheerful effect. You can make the living room casual or formal by using yellow color. If you do not want to use yellow as the color of the wall, you can keep it as the color for the accessories or furniture pieces. There are many ways that people can do to infuse the yellow color on the living room. You just have to make sure that some elements inside the living room can speak the bright feeling of yellow color. Here are some ideas for a yellow living room to create interest at home:

Ideas for a Yellow Living Room

A yellow area rug on the floor

You can start the decoration with ideas for a yellow living room by locating a yellow area rug on the floor. You can have the area rug made in round shape if the living room is created in a square shaped room. Set it in the center area to create focal point in the living room. Then you can set some modular furniture pieces if the living room with yellow color is defined with modern look. You can set a coffee table on the yellow area rug. Ensure that the color of the area rug can be infused with the furniture. You can have it in black, cherry red or tan color.

Yellow Living Room Design

A yellow curtain on the window

If you decide to have a yellow curtain to decorate the window, you need to have the wall painted in other colors. You can pick tan to create warm feeling in the living room design. To create the edgy feeling, you can have light grey or pale blue on the wall. The country decoration with ideas for a yellow living room looks great if you define the wall in white color. It can reduce the overpowering effect for a yellow curtain. Choose the sheer curtain to make the window beautiful.

Yellow Living Room

Yellow toss pillows on the plain colored sofa

The sofa color in the room should be neutral and suit it with other colors on the furniture pieces. You can have a black sofa located on the yellow living room. To make it coordinated with the yellow color on the floor and curtain, you can spread some yellow toss pillows on the black sofa. If you like with casual feeling in ideas for a yellow living room, you can have the pillows comes in various types of shape, fabric and pattern. But ensure that all of them are still dominated with yellow color. You can arrange the toss pillow in jumbled style.

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