A Must-Table in the Living Room

If you are complaining about how excessive your tables are around your house, there are a must-table in the living room which you should keep. Sometimes, there are people who consider that a living room without a table is better than having one. However, it will be more beautiful and comfortable if you at least have one or few tables on it.

Coffee Table

A complementary furniture, such as table, really supports the feeling of comfort in the living room. A table has functions to place a glass of drink or food. Several kinds of table also have function as a drawer. The rest of it have function as a display area inside. These functions also make a big important role to create a neat living room.

As you know, the table’s model and material, nowadays varies in many kinds. There are square, circle and oval model of table offered in the market. The price itself varies in different level. Its material can be created of wood, glass, steel, solid plastic and the combination of natural stones, such as marble.

Glass-wooden Coffee Table

The choosing of table should also be done by matching the living room’s size with its main sofas. Its shape and size are also matched with the activities you usually do. For example, a writing activity will need a different height of table, while eating breakfast (in front of the TV) will also need the different height of table, right?

Therefore, the decision of choosing a rigt living room’s table is also based on who will use it. A coffee table is very suitable to be placed in the living room. Besides becoming a center of a living room, it can also “arrange” the position of the sofas around it. It has functions to put a glass or driniking cup while you are sitting in the sofa.


The other personal stuffs, such as books, magazine, or vases can be placed above the coffee table. Its variation is also growing. There are combination of diferent materials, such as a rack-storage and a display-table. They become most popular among customers nowadays. Well, do you have a coffee table as a must-table in the living room?


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