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The Minimalist House Architecture Interest Many People

The minimalist house architecture style was received much attention in recent years. Minimalist house is on the rise. This is evidenced from the number of housing or who tend to use the house style of minimalist architecture. The minimalist house architecture style is more easily made than the architectural style of the house in general. If the minimalist house architecture is more concerned with the essential, this does not apply to house-style minimalism.  Read More ... »

Combining Modern and Minimalist House

Combining Modern and Minimalist House
Combining modern and minimalist house can be one of the unique ideas to be applied. Concept house minimalist house modern and is not really much different. Modern concept house further highlight the use of technology rather than design, form and function of parts of the house. The house is minimalists which prefers a house or emphasize the function of parts of the house rather than design or shape. Actually there is a similarity of the house and the  Read More ... »

A House with Minimalist Architecture

A house with minimalist architecture is judging from all the concepts used by the house. The entire concept of a house will determine all the concepts of the house. All of the concepts are include the terms of interior and exterior of the house. Interior of a house consists of items or ornaments that are in the house while the exterior views of anything connected with the outside of the house. The concept of a minimalist house is determined from the  Read More ... »

A Small House with an Attractive Design

How to make a small house with an attractive design? If you having a small house, it does not mean that your house can not be made to be interesting. Actually there are plenty of accessories and decorations that can be mounted on a small house, but you need a little imagination and improvise. These two things are necessary in order to make the house is not only looks attractive, but in order to be unique and make the house has its own style. In addition  Read More ... »

Knowing the Characteristics of a Classic House

Knowing the Characteristics of a Classic House
Do you want to know the characteristics of a classic house? There are many house designs at now. The house designs have many changes. Houses designs are much in demand by many people today; such as house with minimalist style. Houses with a minimalist style are favored by many people because its function is maximal even using the simple appearance. If the minimalist style house has a simple design, another case with a classic style homes. Minimalist  Read More ... »

Things About Minimalist House You Need To Know

Some things about minimalist house you need to know, remembering this house design is preferred by many people. A house with a minimalist design emphasizes simplicity and simple aspect. However, the emphasis on the aspects of minimalist house does not mean the house can not be made into beautiful. Minimalist house can be made beautiful with the presence of several other factors, such as in terms of interior and exterior. The terms of interior can  Read More ... »