Color Combination to Present the Atmosphere of Beach

For you who love beach, especially to dive, snorkel, or only swim, you can put the color combination to present the atmosphere of beach on your own bedroom. It is meant to show the atmosphere of beach on your bedroom. If you can imagine yourselves, the combination of color in the bedroom is blue and white. If you want to put different color on your bedroom, you should put a little beige color on your bedroom.

Beach-theme Bedroom

Furthermore, what is the most important thing when you are spending your time in the beach with your family? Sea’s wave, sands, sunlight and some joyful activities are some examples of them. Who doesn’t want to remember them and recall the memory? There are so much ways to represent them. For example, it can be done by recalling those memories and applying color combination to present the atmosphere of beach right on your bedroom.

Beach-theme Beddings

After knowing that you really want to set your bedroom as a beach-theme bedroom, the next process is not rather difficult. You can only imagine what things are on the beach, and then apply them on your bedroom. The easiest thing to apply is its color. Sea blue, white and sand brown are colors which most represent the atmosphere of beach itself. So then, you should start it by first applying those three colors, on your wall, furniture and accessories.

If you are still confused about how to make your bedroom beach-theme, at least you should try to paint white color to your whole side of walls. While blue and brown will share their part in coloring furniture and accessories. You should paint brown in the padded headboard. The cushion will be painted as silk-look, bright and sunny. This will make your bedroom look exclusive and luxurious. In additional, beige should be better colored on the curtain.

Beach-theme Wallpaper

If you have already finished by coloring, you have only to give some personal touches on your bedroom. Your pictures with your family when you spent your time at the beach will be the best picture of all. Or, you can put some seashells and seasands you kept in a transparent bottle. And voila! There is color combination to present the atmosphere of beach bedroom!

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